My Great Grandmother on Mother’s Side

1839: Born Sept. 9, an only child, in Alabama.

1850: Census of Bienville Parish includes: Asa Duty, age 52,(born N.C.) carpenter; John W. Duty, age 29, carpenter; Littleton A. Duty (born LA.), 25, farmer; ?Permilia Duty, female, 21; Littleton S. Duty, 3/12.  The 1850 Agriculture Census of Bienville Parish shows: "Asa Duty: 8 A improved; 123 A unimproved; Value of Farm: $3720.".

1854: Married Asa Littleton Duty on Oct. 19; had 3 children:

John Mitchell; married Becky Jordan; died about 1930; buried at Holder Cemetery, La.; Mollie, born 1856; married W.E. "Doc" Jordan on Aug. 4, 1873; Died, Oct 26, 1937; buried Holder Cemetery; Kate, born 1861?; married Sylvester Streetman; Children: Lucy, Jessie, Guy, Charles, Sallie, Annie; died about 1910; buried Bear Creek Cemetery.

1859: Sept. 4: Letter from Asa Duty to his son "Lit" addressed to "A.L. Duty, Terryville, La. Dear Lit I have just received yours of the 14th and feel rejoiced to hear you are well. I think you are correct about the health of that country and I am glad to hear you are going quit it for I do not think it will suit you and I do not think North Western Texas will suit you either there plenty of good land in it but I do not think it is healthy first the water is bad and last it is too far North but travel through it and suit yourself as I have said before I think there is a good country in Calcashu Parish in this state. But please your Self and when you Locate be sure and let me know whare and all...the  receipt of this and let me know you plans and prospects. this leaves me well and tell Ann and them brats I may see them yet who knows. I shall stay whare I am until in March and then I will go to N. Orleans for a day or two and return. I will be 61 years old the 23rd...and do as mutch work as any other of my age and am thankful for good health and strength to do it. I should like to see you very mutch...I know Mr. Ladd very well and give my respects to him I mus conclude by subscrbeing your father until death, Asa Duty."

1866: Husband died before this date. She was listed alone on census of school children on 11/14, 1866 with and 2 female and 1 male school age children.

1869: Married John Frederick Gray on Sept 28.; had 5 children

(see D007).

1916: Died June 9; buried Bear Creek Cemetery, La.