1906: Constance Waye Coker, second daughter of William Thomas Coker and Nina Ann Gray, was born November 22.

1914: May 29: Constance Coker was promoted to 3rd Grade. See report in file: "Arithmetic 95; Grammar 97; Drawing 92; Reading 96; Spelling 98; Deportment 98." Marnie White, teacher writes: "Constance will make you a good earnest pupil. She does her work well."

1920: July: Constance Coker joined the Good Hope Baptist Church (later changed name to Bryceland Baptist Church). See letter affirming this in file.

1922: May 26: Constance Coker graduated from Bryceland High School and enrolled in State Normal College in Natchitoches.

1924: Feb. 27: Letter to Constance Coker from John R. in Bryceland to Natchitoches: "Dear Pal..."

March 5: Another letter to Constance from J.R.: "My Dearest Girl...I know somebody that is as jealous as the devil. Newton told me that you said that I told you a lie Friday night. He wouldn't tell me what it was, will you? He told me that you said out of your own mouth that you didn't 'give a darn for me'. I wonder whether that is true or not. If it is I guess I am bounced but if it isn't I guess I am all out of luck anyway. Poor fool that I am but I can take a hint before a church falls on me...Well I guess I am your second choice-if any-But Little Girl if I can't be first choice, I wont be any at all. If you like the other fellow better than you do me, want you tell me so and quit fooling with me, as you have been doing. Tell me and you have my best regards from me to you & him. J.R."

May 31: Constance Coker graduated from State Normal College with a life time certificate in "Grammar Education" (see invitation in file). That Fall she started teaching school at Mt. Lebanon, La., where La. College had been. She rang the bell that was later given to Dodd College in Shreveport and then to La. College in Pineville. She taught the 1, 2, and 3rd grades for one year.

1925: Sept.: Constance started teaching the first grade in Saline and continued teaching here until May, l930. "I always taught one 7th grade subject. Then I became a mother, homemaker and store flunky."

1979: Constance wrote: "I moved my church membership to Mt.Lebanon (after Bryceland) and then to Magnolia at Saline. I taught a Sunday School Class nearly always and was active in club work and church work until I broke first one hip and then the other--was Clerk or Treasurer and Historian for many year. I planned and made lot of trips."

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