My Great Great Great Grandfather

1776: Born in South Carolina?; son of John Wheeler and Massey Hide (her mother was a Corley).

"Married Polly Burnet" (traditional family information).  Wheeler Cemetery has grave of Mary Wheeler "Wife of Daniel Wheeler; born 1791; died Sept. 1850, aged 59 years."  Also his will shows Mary as his wife.

1802: Elizabeth born 18 June; married Mastin Crouch.

1804: Rosa born 25 March; never married; baptised into Salem Baptist Church in Sept., 1838; died Jan. 4, 1899.

1806: Matilda born march; married Jacob McCarty; died prior to 1889.

1808: Nancy born 21 July; married Little Berry Burnett; died Oct 16, 1843.

1810: Sarah (E2) born 15 April; married Martin Evans.

1818: Sampson born 29 August l; never married; was appointed Executor of his father's estate (see will below); in 1868 Salem Church minutes note: "Bro Jacob Mearty having brought to the notice of the church of some very improper conduct of Liz formerly property of Sampson Wheeler, viz. having children without any husband of which she was expelled from the fellowship of the church."  Sampson died Dec. 4, 1904.

1820: Julia born 15 March; baptized into Salem Baptist Church in Sept., 1838. never

married; died Oct. 24, 1907.  When Julia died the newspaper reported: SALUDA'S OLDEST INHABITANT DEAD; Miss Julia Wheeler died at her home, six miles from Saluda October 24, and was buried at the old family burying ground near the old home the next day. 'Aunt Julia Wheeler,' as she was widely known by the people of Saluda county was the oldest person in the county, being in her eighty eight year. Her entire life was spent in the house built near a spring by her father, about 1818. Her brother, Sampson Wheeler, who died last year was about 89 years old. While her sister, Rosa, lived to be 94. The brother and two sisters lived together all their lives and neither of them ever married. All of them were entertaining talkers and loved company. They enjoyed relating events of the olden days and had much of Revolutionary tradition, while they spoke of the war of 1812 and of the Mexican was as if they had just taken place. Her funeral was held in the open air and a large company attended the burial.

1822: William born on August 29; was baptized in Salem Baptist Church in 1842;

married Ms. Burnett; killed in buggy accident (See D001 letter, 1889) on June 25, 1889.

1825: Daniel Jr. born 7 September; in 1838 "the case of brother Daniel Wheeler Jr.

settled by his confessing his faults and professing repentance."  In 1839 a committee "consisting of brethern E. Walton and D. Wheeler Sr." was appointed "to see our brother D. Wheeler Jr. and cite him to our next meeting to give account of his long absenting himself from amoungst us."  1840: "Bro. Daniel Wheeler Jr. refused the admonition of the church, in the case of his long absence from the church, appointed a committee to see and cite him."  In Feb 1840 "The case of brother Wheeler Jr. was continued till our next meeting..."  In March "The case of brother D. Wheeler Jr. was postponed..."  In Apr. "The case of brother Danl Wheeler Jr. disposed of by expelling him from the fellowship of the church for his not attending meeting and refusing to confess his faults.."; he was never married; died July 28, 1879.

1825: Daniel Wheeler Sr. was baptized into Salem Baptist Church on July 25.

1832: Daniel Sr. was appointed to a committee of Salem Baptist Church "to labour with

brother McDaniel" who had "drank too much ardent spirits, and cursed and rioted."

1840: Salem Church records show Daniel Wheeler present at all church meetings

between July and November.

1841: In Feb. "Bro Daniel Wheeler brought to the notice of the church that a report was

in circulation that some of the brethren had been playing at a frolic contrary to the rule of the church.

Also this year Daniel Wheeler was appointed to cite Denis McCarty.  Mastin Crouch (Elizabeth's husband) was also cited "for having violated the 4th rule of decorum."

During this year he is reported as giving  $.25 and .50 to the church.  He was present at all meetings January to November.

1843: On the 23 day of December Daniel Wheeler signed the following will with "his mark":

State of South Carolina, Edgefield District: "I Daniel Wheeler Sr. of the state and dist aforesaid, being somewhat afflicted in body but of sound mind, do make constitute and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows: 1st. I desire that my Executor or Administrator should if necessary sell at public outery such property as my beloved wife should prefer to dispose of to settle all my just debts. 2nd I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Wheeler during her natural life or widowhood my real and personal estate consisting in part of a Negro girl named Mary, a stock of horses, sheep, hogs, cattle and whatsoever I may die siezed and possessed of, for her use and for the purpose of the support of all the children who may remain with her.  3. At the death or marriage of my wife Mary Wheeler, I desire my Executor to sell according to law, all my property real and personal, except what shall be otherwise disposed of hereinaftger, and make the following distribution viz all my children shall have share and share alike even except my youngest son Daniel whose portion in making the division shall be double either of the other heirs, which portions shall belong after his death to whichsoever brother or sister shall take and support him decently until his death, and my preference is that my son Sampson shall do it.  4. I will and bequeath unto my beloved sons Sampson Wheeler & William Wheeler at the death  or marriage of my beloved wife Mary Wheeler; each one good bed, bedstead and furniture. I make this unequal distribution because each of my daughters who have married have each had a bed, and it is especially to be understood that such beds, bedding, bedsteads as my daughters who are single now have, are theirs, and not considered a part of my estate.  5. I leave it optionary with my beloved wife Mary Wheeler, at any time that she may think any of the stock or like becomes a burden to the support of the family, to turn the same over into my executor or administrators hands who shall immediately advertise and sell and at her death or marriage to account for the same as a part of my estate, the property to be sold on a credit after twelve months, the Executor to make return according to law of the same in the ordince office.  6. I constitute and ordain my beloved son sampson Wheeler, my Excctor, to carry into effect the provisions of this my last will witness my hand and seal this the twenty third day of December one thousand eight hundred and forth three."

Daniel Wheeler died December 27; buried in Wheeler Cemetary.

1844: On Feb. 22 an appraisal bill of tahe property of Daniel Wheeler was filled

including the following:

Lot of cattle$90.00

4 head horses100.00

1 lot of plows and plow shares  5.00

1 lot of stock hogs 30.00

1 lot of sheep 15.00

1 waggan 50.00

1 lot of cane100.00

1 lot of fodder 22.00

1 C?  8.00

850 lbs cotton 72.25

1 lot of alor Barrels & kegs  7.00

1 lot bacan120.00

1 lot lard 12.00

1 spinning machine  7.00

1 lot jars and jugs  2.50

1 lot sundries  1.00

I lot chisels augers  3.00

Seed peas and cotton seed  6.00

1 stove  1.00

1 lot axes and han wedges  4.50

1 lot leather and raw hides  4.50

1 sythe and cradle  1.00

2 looms & slays       8.00

2 ? & reel  5.00

1 lot of kitchen furrniture 12.00

2 gine? 12.00

1 clock  5.00

Household furniture 75.00

2 bee hives  2.00

1 lot potatoes 10.00

1 Negro girl450.00

2 Barrels flour 10.00


--          $460.00

The Bill of the Estate of Daniel Wheeler, Deceased includes: to Sampson Wheeler, 1 tract of land $1520.00, plus other items to Lewis Crouch, Jacob MCarty and many others to Sampson; including Wm. Wheeler, 1 negro woman Mary $625.00; total: $2797.84.

A register of accounts paid from the estate begins on Feb 19, 1844, includes such items as: To N.L. Griffin for council $5.00;, various notes; in 1845, Feb. "In Columbia for various articles of necessity for support of the family, $35.13 1/2; recd for cotton sold in Columbia $76.00."  Again in 1846 "N.L. Griffin counsel fee $5.00; paid Cullen Wheeler of Ala. in part for his distribution part of his fathers estate of which D. Wheeler deed was surety on the admin: $30.00; paid expenses to and from Alabama in attending to the above business, $20.00. (These expenditures are continued through 1851.

In 1852 the following expenditures were made settling the accounts of the estate of Daniel Wheeler:

March 23: Paid Martin Evans his share in full, $246.57;

April 30: Paid Mastin Crouch his share in full,   246.57;

June 11: Paid William Wheeler his share in full,   246.57;

Feb 28; Paid Jacob McCarty hisd share in full,  246.57;

Feb 28; Paid Matthew R. Smith his share in full, 246.57;

Jany 1; Paid S Burnet his share in full,           83.17;

Jany 1; Paid S Burnet guardian of Daniel Sumter

   and Wm. Necks in full 164.38;

Dec 25; Paid Rosey Wheeler her share in full 274.52;

Dec 25; Paid Julia Wheeler her share in full   274.52;

          (Total : $2029.44)

Sampson Wheeler Executor Recd nothing

The documents end: "This a/c current Exmo and sworn to...for the items marked on the left, Dec 19, 1853" Signed "S. Wheeler."

(The above documents are on file in the Clerk of Court's office in Edgefield, S.C.; copied by Bruce Evans in 1992)

1844: Salem Church "Dismissed Sister Nancy Burnet (formerly Nancy Wheeler) who was

in good fellowship with us."

1889: Rosey, Julie, and Sampson "All that's left and all in one house" (from Nancy Evans Peterson letter to her brother J.C. Evans in La.) This house was built about 1812.  When Julia Wheeler died the newspaper reported

(Questions: Was Polly Burnett a first wife and Mary a second wife?  If so, which children, if any were Mary's?  Also, who was the Nancy Burnet "formerly Nancy Wheeler" who was dismissed from the Salem Church in 1844?  Could this be William Wheeler's wife who was a Burnett?   Also, although the minutes of Salem Church are clear about the dates noted above, Daniel Jr. would only have been 13 years old when the church began citing him for non attendance, etc.  Did they cite this young, or could this have been another Daniel Jr.?)

Burnett, Polly

Married Daniel Wheeler (F5).

Had 8 children between 1802 and 1825.