My Great Great Grandfather’s Older Brother

1783?: Born in Edgefield County, Ninety Six District, South Carolina; first son of William Evans and Phoebe Kitching Evans.

Married Mary Ann Weeks, born 1792?, daughter of Arthur Moore Weeks and Lucretia Hudnall (who was daughter of Robert Hudnall and Lucretia Kitching of Edgecombe County, North Carolina).

Became Captain in South Carolina Militia; Justice of the Peace; Justice of the Quorum.

1804: State Land Grants to Gideon Evans, Barnwell; 640 a, 1000 a, 544 a, 150 a.

1808: Daughter, Cynthia A. Evans born on March 2. She became the second wife of John Daniel Plunkett; died July 12, 1895.

William Wade Evans born.

1811: Gideon acquired 554 acres of land on Cedar Creek. (This and later land transactions are recorded in Barnwell County Plat Book located in Columbia at State Archives in 1995)

Note: This is same location as land acquired by William Evans, D.S., in 1792, indicating that this William may be Gideon’s father.

1813: Mary Ann Evans was born on September 2. She married Thornton M. Cawley in 1853.

1818: Andrew Jackson Evans, third son, born; married Eliza Sophia Ziegler, born 1822, died 1906. Their children were Francis Evans, W.W. Evans, and Mit Evans. Andrew died in 1891.

Sovereign S. Evans, fifth child was born. He married Ann Prothro; was elected to the South Carolina State House of Representatives 1856-57; moved to Louisiana ca1859.

Hansford D. Evans was born; married first to Druscilla A. Weeks, then to Inabinet.

1820: Gideon acquired 515 acres of land in Barnwell County by John Wilson.

1820: This census of SC does not list a Gideon Evans.

1825: Gideon acquired 150 acres on Cedar Creek. (Cedar Creek is a branch of Shaw’s Creek which branches off Edisto River in the NW corner of Barnwell as formed formed from Orangeburg District in 1800.)

1825: Allaphir Evans was born on July 2; married Col James Lafayette Davis. (One of their descendants, Alderman Duncan, Columbia, SC, passed down the family information in possession of Maxcy Foxworth, Jr.)

1826:  State Land Grant to Gideon Evans in Barnwell Dist; 150 a.

1828: Robert L. Evans was born on March 27; became Captain and married Elizabeth H. Tarrant. They had son, H. Seymour Evans, who married Harriet N. Woodward (Their daughter married a Mullins and is the mother of Ben Mullins -- -- Marion, SC). Robert L. Evans joined Tabernacle Baptist Church by letter on March 3, 1900  (He was the only Evans listed on membership rolls at this time.) He died August 30, 1908.

1830: Lucretia Evans was born; she married Isaac C. Johnson in 1853. (Recorded in Barnwell County Marriages 1764-1859 Implied in Deeds)

1830: Census of Barnwell County, SC, lists the Gideon Evans family with 1 male aged 0-5, 1 aged  5-10, 1 10-15, 1 30-40, and 1 40-50; females include 1 aged 0-5, 2 10-15, 1 20-30, and 1

40-50. They had 19 slaves.

1831: Martha Evans was born. She was the first wife of Milledge Travalle Holley, the first Sheriff of Aiken County, SC.

1841: Gideon acquired 1575 more acres on Cedar Creek.

1848: Elected to House of Representatives, State of South Carolina; served until 1849.

1849: He acquired 5751 acres on Shaw’s Creek, which is branches off the Edisto River. Apparently a dispute about this land developed later. An original document in the Orangeburg Historical Office (in 1995) is recorded ad “Weeks & Evans dispute land on Edisto, White Pond Rd, & on Shaw Creek adj Mc ? Williams Land (undated).”  (But 6/83 is written on bottom; see copy in E32 File)

1850: The census of Barnwell District taken 24 September lists Gideon Evans, aged 65, with Real Estate valued at 8000 on Saluda. Also: Mary, aged 58, Cynthia, 30; Martha aged 20. Living with them were both mothers: Phoebe Evans, aged 85, and Lucretia Weeks, aged 82. All born in SC. (Note: these ages of daughters are inconsistent with other family information).

1859: Gideon acquired 890 more acres of land on Shaw’s Creek.

1864: Gideon sold 881 acres on the Edisto River and Willow Swamp to his son Andrew Jackson Evans, for $8,000; originally purchased from Elisha Tyler.

1867: Orangeburg County Deeds 1865-1902 include: Gideon Evans to A.J. Evans.

1873: On January 10, Gideon moved his church letter to Tabernacle Baptist Church.

1873: On March 10 he purchased 200 acres of land on the East Side of Willow Swamp (bordered by Samuel Dibble, James W. Reed, P.W. Garrick, and Catherine Rowell) from A. J. Evans for $2,000.  (This A.J. may be his son, Andrew Jackson Evans, born in 1818.) The original of this deed was found in the Orangeburg Historical Office and copied by Bruce Evans in March, 1995. Copy is in E32 file.

Gideon Evans died later that year on December 31.

"Capt. Gideon Evans: planter and timberman with land holdings along the South Edisto River exceeding 20,000 acres; shipped lumber, and rafted logs down the river, to Charleston; home and all provisions and lumber stock destroyed by Sherman's army  (site now Aiken County State Park; Justice of Peace; Justice of the Quorum; South Carolina State House of Representatives. In true Evans spirit, at the age of 90, undeterred by a rare accumulation of snow, he rode his horse up to visit daughter Cynthia Plunkett (about 15 miles). He developed pheumonia and died, and was buried in the Plunkett family graveyard on a bluff at Merritt's Bridge on the South Edisto River, but the grave was never permanently marked." R. Maxcy Foxworth, Jr. (Rt 2, Box 685; Marion, SC 29571)

1895: Orangeburg County Deeds, 1865-1902 lists: Gideon P. Etal to Wm. W. Evans. (This is Gideon’s second child? probably born in 1810.)