My great great grandfather on mother’s side.

1796: Born in South Carolina. Later became a doctor. (Family tradition in LA is that he was a botanist)*

1815: Jonathan C.  was taxed in Burgans District, Jackson County, GA., along with James and Thomas Coker.

1817: Jonathan C., James, and Thomas were again taxed in Burgans District, GA.

1817: Jonathan Clark Coker married Frances Mayes Pentecost in the Pentecost home located on Beech Creek in Jackson County (Gwinette County in 2000). Reference: “There Is A Tide Which” research manuscript done by Frank Huff and Louise Hay Pentecost, Jacksonville, AL. (From copy in possession of Elizabeth Jones (gggrandaughter of Marion Jackson Coker). Other copy in library of AL Dept of Archives and History, Montgomery, AL.

1820: Son William Thomas born.

1820: US Census, Jackson County, microfilm pg 290:

Jonathan C. Coker 1 male to 10 (William Thomas)

1 male 16-26 (Jonathan Clark)

1 female 16-26 (Frances Mayes Pentecost)

1 engaged in agriculture

1830: Son, Marian Coker, born in GA. Became a doctor and married Tamer Monroe, born Sep 19, 1836. A son, Fletcher was born in 1859. (See 1860 Census below) The 1870 census of Clay Co., AL (pg 213) lists (2 houses from Coker, J.J.): Coker, Doctor, age 41, physician, real estate value $800, personal property value $400, born GA, Coker, Lamee?, age 33, keeps house; Coker, William, age 11; Coker, Wesley, age 9, Coker, Laconia?, age 6, Coker, Martha, age 1.

“Dr. M. J. Coker died on May 6, 1899.” He was buried in Marble City Cemetery, Talledega Co., AL. His wife, Tamer Monroe died in 1913 and is buried beside him. A son, Westly T. Coker died June 30, 1938 and is buried in same cemetery; also next is: Coker, Jamie Messer, born July 20, 1853, died Jan 27, 1920.

1835: February 6: Isaac Barnes and Jonathan C Coker administered the estate of Thomas Coker (brother of Jonathan), who died in Meriwether County, GA; sole Jackson County land to Jesse Cody, 118 acres on Beech Creek. (Jackson County Deed Book K, p. 453)

1837: Daughter Ann W. (or M.) Born in GA.

1840: US Census of AL lists no Jonathan Coker; but James Jasper Coker was born on Aug 17 in Millerville, AL.

1850: US Census of Tallapoosa Co., AL (South of Clay Co.) on Nov 20 lists on pg 053:

Coker, Johnathan, age 50, born SC; Coker, Frances, age 50, born GA; Coker, Ann W. (or M.) age 13, born GA; Coker, James J., age 10, born AL.

1850-60: Apparently wife Frances died; Jonathan married Martha ..., born 1810 in SC.

1860: US Census of Talladega Co., AL (West of Clay Co.) on pg 944:

Coker, Johnathan, age 64, physician, born in SC; real estate value: $700; personal property value: $1000; Coker, Martha, age 50; Jasper, age 19, real estate value 300; Coker, Mary Luke, age 34; personal property value $500, born SC.

The next house listed is: Coker, Marion, age 30, physician, real estate value: $300; personal property value: $300, born GA; Coker, La?mme or Tamer, age 24, born NC; Coker, Fletcher, age 1.

1866: On July 14, JCC and wife Martha borrowed $275 in Talledega Co., AL “to finish crops.” They mortgaged land to secure the loan.

1870: US Census of Clay Co., AL (pg 251) lists:

Coker, J.C., age 74, Farmer, real estate value $300, personal property value $300; Coker, Martha, age 61, born SC; Coker, Luke Mary, age 43, born SC; Meek, Anne, age 65 (black). Another census of “Heads of Households” includes: “J.C. Coker” and “Doctor Coker.”

This same census also lists on pg 213 lists: Coker, J.J., age 30, Artist, born AL; Coker, Vicy, age 22, Keeps House.

1880: US Census of Clay Co., AL lists: Johnathon C. Coker.

Census Place:Mcconathy, Clay, Alabama

Source:FHL Film 1254007  National Archives Film T9-0007     Page 90C    


Johnathan C. COKERSelfMMW84SC

Occ:PensionerFa: NCMo: VA


Occ:Keeping HouseFa: IREMo: IRE

Mary LUKESister     LFSW41SC



Occ:Stone CutterFa: GERMo: GER

House next door:

Census Place:Mcconathy, Clay, Alabama

Source:FHL Film 1254007  National Archives Film T9-0007     Page 90C    


Fletcher COKERSelfMMW21AL

Occ:PhysicianFa: GAMo: AL


Occ:Keeping HouseFa: GAMo: GA


Occ:Laborer On FarmFa: GAMo: GA

House 2nd door:

Census Place:Mcconathy, Clay, Alabama

Source:FHL Film 1254007  National Archives Film T9-0007     Page 90C    



Occ:PhysicianFa: SCMo: GA


Occ:Keeping HouseFa: NCMo: NC


Occ:At SchoolFa: ALMo: GA


Occ:At SchoolFa: ALMo: GA


Occ:At SchoolFa: ALMo: GA


Occ:At SchoolFa: ALMo: GA

1882: A Clay Co. deed on Jan 26 is from Jonathan C. Coker to Wilson.

1882-1890: Apparently Jonathan died; the 1890 US Census lists no Jonathan Coker in AL.


*Other LA traditional information is that Jonathan Clark Coker was born in 1812 and married a ....Davis (is this “Martha,” his second wife?) His children are said to include:

James Jasper Coker, born 8/17/1840

Jack Coker, born ca 1842

William Coker, born ca 1844

Son Coker, born ca 1846

Sarah Coker, born ca 1848 in Millerville, AL; married Woods.

Ann Coker, born ca 1850 in Sylacauga, AL; married Barnes.

Frances Coker, born ca 1852 in Opelika, Lee Co., AL; married Rickey.


"In about 1837, in Meriwether County, Georgia, Isaac (Barnes), along with Jonathan Clark Coker, served as administrator in the settlement of the Meriwether County estate of Thomas Coker. Jonathan and Thomas Coker were brothers and Isaac Barnes had some kinship with Thomas' wife, Precious Lovejoy.

(Note: Precious Lovejoy was the aunt of Isaac's wife, Ruth Mobley.) Isaac and Jonathan sold 118 acres of land on Beech Creek in Jackson County, Georgia(Deed Bk. K, pg. 453). Thomas was a former resident of Jackson County. In the sale of the estate, Isaac purchased one bay colt and ten cowhides. His son, James Barnes, purchased three medical books, one rifle, and one length of chain. The estate sale took place on 7 March 1837 in Meriwether County." Mrs. Elizabeth C. Jones of Montgomery, AL)  (This data from Lynda Price)


1790 US Census of SC: Georgetown Dist., Prince Georges Parish (Marion County today)

Coker, Thomas; with 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 3 females

(Wheeler, Wm; 3 males over 16 listed close by)

1800 US Census of SC

Coker, Thomas: Georgetown Dist. p366

Coker, Thomas: Laurens Dist. p18: 3 males under 10; 2 males 10-16; 1 male 26-47; 1 female under 10; 1 female 26-45.

Coker, Thomas: Pendleton Dist: (Next to Laurens)

Other Cokers near by in listings: John, Calvin, Robert, James, Drury, Frances, and Temp.

1810 US Census of SC

Coker, Thomas in Sumpter, p 210; Pendleton, p 149; Darlington, p 10.

Only Coker in Laurens is Robert

South Carolina Land Plats: 1784-1848 (From book in State Archives, Columbia, SC)

1789: Coker, Robert; 96th Dist, 100 a

1789: Coker, Thomas; 96th Dist, 180 a

1789: Coker, Thomas, Cheraw Dist, 300 a

1791: Coker, John; 96th Dist, 489 acres

1791: Coker, William; Camden, 150 a

1792: Coker, John; 96th, 73 a

1792: Coker, John; 96th 73 a

South Carolina Land Grants: 1784-1821 (From book in State Archives, Columbia, SC)

(Descriptions following each were not copied)

1789: Coker, Robert, 96th

1789, Coker, Thomas, 96th

1791: Coker, John; 96th

1791: Coker, William; 96th

1792: Coker, John; Laurens

1792: Coker, John; 96th

1805: Coker, Joshua; 96th

1812: Coker, Thomas

1814: Coker, Thomas

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