Pictures of Nina Gray Coker

1880: Born May 29 at Mt. Lebanon, La. "across from where a Negro church stood in 1962."

: See childhood poem book in file

: Moved to Lake Village in Natchitoches parish.

: Moved to Bryceland, La., on hill known as Printiss Whitley Place in 1962.

1888: John F. Gray homesteaded the Gray Place between Bryceland and Arcadia, just north of where the road turns to Bear Creek. This place was owned by Woodard Walker Lbr. Co in l979.

1897: Nina lived here until she married William Thomas Coker (C003) on July 14, just after she turned 17 years of age.

1914: See letters written by Nina to her sister Annie Coker inCorpus Christi, Texas.

(See C003 for her history after this)

1953: Husband died on Sept. 8.

"Nina Gray Coker make her home with Irene and Brewer Ware in Minden. She visited her other two daughters, Constance Evans in Saline, and Helen Marie (Ferguson) Hensley in Beeville and Tuleta, Texas.  She spent most of the summers with Helen Marie to be with her son Tommy while Helen Marie worked.

1961: She died in the hospital in Beeville, Texas, September 6, while on a visit in Tuleta, Texas.  "Mrs. Nina A. Coker, 81, died Wednesday after a lengthy illness. Funeral services will be held in Bear Creek Church with Dr. Joe Bruce Evans and the Rev. B. Frank Walker officiating..."

From History of Bienville Parish, Vol I, 1984, p 177:

“Mrs. Nina Coker was always active in the Good Hope (later Bryceland) Baptist Church. She always carried her children to church and enjoyed keeping the visiting Pastors. She had a desire to become a nurse but her many other duties prevented her but was always willing to and did take care of the sick people when the doctor was not available. Many times she was called upon when the doctor could not make it. Dr. Jones taught her to give shots and first aid treatments which she did when a doctor was not available. She kept and operated the telephone system between Bryceland and Bear Creek. She controlled the switch that had to be used to get telephone calls through, day and night. She was very attentive to her children and, having very good control over them, always made a happy home form them with parties, syrup pulling candy, pop corn parties, making her home the center of entertainment for the neighborhood children. Many times we forget the many good times we have in a good Christian home until we begin to meditate and bring back the many memorable blessings we had from our Christian parents and home environment.” (I think this was written by her daughter, Constance; Bruce Evans)