Noah Cloud, Sr.



1800: Born on April 28 in Kentucky (or 4/1/1798).

1824: Prior to this date when his youngest sister, Annie, was born, the family had moved to Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, before settling at a place about one mile east

of the Pine Ridge Cemetery (on right side of road before present (l987) turn to Cloud's Crossing), known later as the Tom Clifton Place.

1833: Commissioned a Lieutenant in the Louisiana State Militia. His commission was signed by the governor.

1835: "In Parish of Ouachita, June 24th, Noah Cloud and John Dickerson purchased the NW 1/4 of Section 10, T16N, R1E.  Patent for this tract was issued to them on July 1st, 1841, under Ouachita Cash entry No 1985. The tract contained 160.31 acres, and they paid $1.25 per acre ($200.38). Also there is section of land in Madison Parish bought by Noah Cloud and John Dickerson." (See letter of Mollie Cloud Elkins.)

1838?: Married Delitia Delilah Folsom Campbell. The first land entries made in the eastern townships--Natchitoches District--included William and Noah Cloud.

1840: Mary, their first child was born on November 13 at Grand Ecore. She married Columbus Hines. Their 9 children were: William Noah, Frances Marion Pickins, Armenta, James S. Truly, Curtis, Nelson, Bertie, John Barlow, and Melodius Pitch Lynn. Her second husband was James Brown Taylor of Campti, La.

1840: Census of Natchitoches lists Noah Cloud as: "Age 40; with 1 female under age 5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40." This census also lists: "William Cloud; 2 males 5-10, 1 female 0-5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30." Also "John Cloud, age 15-20, and Hannah M Cloud, age 40-50, with one male 10-15."

1842: Sometime after this date they moved across Saline Creek and built another house 1 1/2 miles west of the present Cloud Crossing Recreational Area. This place was later known as the Sam Brewton Place after Sam married Noah's daughter Ann. Noah Jr was born here. Sam Brewton later sold it to Bodcaw Lbr. Co. and moved to Goldonna. Jim Harper's father, Joe, lived here and it was during this time that Jim Harper married Mae Cloud. Later Bill Morgan, Homer's father, lived there for a number of years. The U.S. Government bought this land, made all squatters move, and established a practice bombing range area during WWII. It is presently (1987) the Kisatchie National Forest.

1847: Nancy Ann Cloud was born on April 5th at Cloud’s Crossing. Nancy married Samuel George Brewton. “Nancy Ann Cloud Brewton was a slender straight backed woman with dark eyes and black hair. She become blind late in life and would sit by the hour and rock on her front porch. All her children were born on the family homestead just out of Goldonna.”  (James Perry Brewton letter).

1850: Noah Cloud got a land patent in Sec. 1, T13N, R5W, between Saline and Dugdemona Bayous.

1850: U.S. Census of Natchitoches Parish lists: "Noah Cloud, age 50, born in Ky.; Delila, age 42 (over 20 who cannot read or write), born LA; Mary, age 11; Noah, age 7 (both Mary and Noah attended school during year); Nancy, age 4."

The 1850 Agricultural Census lists Noah Cloud in Natchitoches Parish with: 50 acres of improved land; $200 cash value of farm; 8 horses; 70 milk cows; 1 working oxen; 160 other cattle; 200 swine: Value of live stock: $1660; 400 bushels Indian Corn; 50 other bushels; 40 bushels sweet potatoes; 150 lbs butter; 175 lbs honey.

This same 1850 Census lists William Cloud in Bienville Parish with 130 acres of improved land; 70 acres unimproved; $1700 cash value of farm; 5 horses; 2 asses; 10 milk cows; 4 working oxen; 12 other cattle; 15 swine; $543 value of live stock; 1000 bushels INDIAN corn.

1860: La. Census of Natchitoches Parish, Free Inhabitants (P19) lists: "Cloud, Noah, age 40, Stock Raiser with Estate Assets of $400 and Personal Assets of $200; born in Ky.; Deliliah Cloud, age 52; Mary Cloud, age 20; Noah Cloud, age 18; Ann Cloud, age 11." All born in La. except Noah Sr.

1864: Noah Cloud died.

    In the early part of the Civil War, Sam Cloud, Noah's nephew, whom he had raised, and an Elkins' boy (Uncle of J.T. Elkins, Eva Elkins's father) plotted to rob Noah, who had "quite a bit of money and silverware." Mrs. Elkins, the boy's mother who lived about a mile from Noah, heard them plotting; she slipped off to Noah's house and told him about the plan. He put his money in a buckskin bag and went around the house toward the smokehouse to bury it. He had his daughters, Mary and Ann, and his wife, Delilah, watching for him. He came back in about 10 minutes and said that it was alright. It is supposed that he moved it that night and planted a cedar bush to mark the place. The boys came to take the money as plotted, and in the skirmish, Noah was shot by Sam Cloud. He died a month later from gangrene poison without telling anyone where he buried his money. He is buried somewhere in Jackson Parish.

This buried treasure has been the subject of much conversation and search. It has been suggested that it was buried in the bottom of a 60 foot well; another idea was that it was buried under the smokehouse. About 1908 Noah Jr pointed out the location of the original smokehouse which was 18 by 18 feet, and said the original logs of his father's smokehouse were still there. After he marked off the spot, Lee Cloud, his son, and M.B. Evans, his son-in-law, dug 3 or 4 feet deep but did not find any money. They also dug where Noah Jr. said the cellar under the front porch was. They found pieces of dishes, a piece of chain, and a spur--but no money. They and many others, including Noah Sr.'s great grandson, Buddy Evans in 1970, have dug hunting the money many times, but no one has reported finding any.


Another Family Story

(From Brewton Family)

“It seems as if Samuel George Brewton and his brother-in-law Noah Cloud sold a herd of mules in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and with the money, they got into a game of poker and won about $10,000 in gold. After the game was over Samuel Brewton was talked into having a drink with the losers, the drink was supposed to have been doctored. Noah cloud took the money back to Goldonna, Louisiana, by one route and Samuel Brewton took a different trail; but the doctored drink took effect and he fell out of the saddle and was found the next day. He was brought home where he lived for a couple of days and died. Later Noah Cloud was shot late one night in front of his home, supposedly for the same money. The men that shot Noah Cloud were never caught, however, it is believed that a man by the name of Elkins was the leader of the men.” (From James P. Brewton letter)


Ex Slave of Noah Cloud, Sr.