My Great Great Great Grandfather

May have been named John. In his granddaughter, Nancy Evans Peterson's, diary she sometimes wrote "William Evans" for her grandfather, but then crossed it out and wrote "John" over it. In 1924, she clearly writes: "on my fathers side William Evans came from Scotland Scotch Irish & maried Miss Febie Kitchens."

1700's: The Evans’s “came to America from Scotland with 3 brothers. John settled in Barnwell County, South Carolina. Two of the other brothers are believed to have settled in Georgia, around Augusta; the other, somewhere in Virginia.” (This is the Martin Evans family version.)

Another version received by Nan Frick from a Mr. Earhorn, postmaster of Sunbright, TN is:

"4 brothers by name of Evans came from Scotland and settled 1 in Barnwell, 1 in Spartanburg. One in Barnwell was named William and was in Rev. War and died of wound in leg; married a Phoby Kitchins; had sons Gidian, Mathew, John, Martin; daughters Betsie, Casandra, Nancy, Pollie; were members of Old Tabernacle Church in Edisto.") 

1718: Orangeburgh District History: “Most of these pioneers established their dwellings in the vicinity of Amelia along the Congaree and Santee rivers. The first settler in this vast expanse was Henry Sterling, supposedly an Indian trader, who established his dwelling on Lyons Creek in 1704. Capt. Charles Russell, a native of Massachusetts, was in command of a fort at the Congarees in 1718. Among the first soldiers at the fort were Edward Darlsley, Ralph Dayton, and John Evans.” (Bib. # 1, p 1-2)

1763?: William was born in South Carolina.

"The family is unquestionably Welsh, and came to South Carolina from Virginia (perhaps via North Carolina, briefly), and probably descends from Capt. John Evans, an early 18th Century Indian Trader."

(This information in 1995 from R. Maxcy Foxworth, Jr.; Rt. 2 Box 685; Marion. SC 29751; 803-423-5458; obtained from Alderman Duncan, of Columbia, SC, descendant of Gideon Evans through his daughter Allaphair, wife of Col. James Lafayette Davis.)

(This 1763 birth date fits a William Evans, son of Evan Evans and Mary Carson found in Mormon records)

1776?: Fought in Revolutionary War.

1782?: Married Phoebe Kitchings, born 1765?

1783?: Son, Gideon Evans (E032) born. Became Capt. in SC Militia, Justice of Peace, Justice of the Quorum; SC House of Representatives 1849-49; married Mary Ann Weeks; joined Tabernacle Church on January 10, 1873, and died December 31, 1873.

1785: Oct 14, a William Evans is listed in 1784-88 Plat Books of Lower Parts of Old Ninety Six District, Book B, page 75, as owning 500 acres on Back Swamp of Beach Island. (Note: this would probably be the section which became Edgefield County in 1785). The only other Evans listed is Nathan, with 70 acres on Horn’s Creek.

1785: Barnwell County Plat Index lists these plats by William Evans, also surveyed by William Evans: 620 acres by William Dyas, and 330 acres by Benj. Waring.

1786: Daughter, Elizabeth (Betsie) Evans born on September 25; married Jacob Hydrick, born March 3, 1790. They were early members of Tabernacle Church, and later Bethcar Baptist Church. (An Elizabeth Evans was dismissed from Tabernacle Church in 1885.)

1787: A William Evans real estate deed to John Dick is recorded in Edgefield Co. Records (Page 275, Book 3) Also “Minutes of County Court” for this year note “Deeds of lease and release from Benj Harris for 260 acres of land to William Evans was proved on the oath of Casper Neal...”

1788: Edgefield Co., Minutes of County Court 1785-95 include: “We present William Evans of Beach Island for frequently abusing his wife by information of David Zubby; ordered that William Evans give security to keep the peace towards his wife.”

1789: On Sep 1, William Evans “D.S.” (District or Deputy Surveyor?) “of Ninety Six Dist.” sold 346 acres of land “in Beech Island” for 200 pounds to John Dick of Orangeburg Dist. (Recorded in Deed Book 3: 1787-1789)

1790: A William Evans bought 640 acres from John Richardson in Edgefield County.

1790: First census of South Carolina lists 8 John Evans'. Census of Orangeburgh District, which became Barnwell County in 1794: "John Evans, 1 male over 16; 1 male under 16; 2 females; 4 slaves." A John Evins is listed with 1 free white male 16+ yrs; 2 free white males under 16, 1 free white female, and 8 slaves.

Edgefield County in the Ninety Six District included William, Batt, Isaac, and William Evans.  The first Wm. Evans family included 2 males over 16, 4 under 16, 5 females, and 18 slaves; Batt Evans family included 1 male over 16, 3 under 16, 2 females; Isaac Evans family had 1 male over 16, 2 under 16, 4 females, and 1 slave; the last William Evans family included 1 male over 16 and 1 female.  No Kitchens family was listed in either District.  In all South Carolina there were 52 Evans families listed, including 8 John Evans'.

(If either of these William Evans’ is my ancestor, it would have to be the first, since we know that son Gideon and daughter Elizabeth were born before 1790.  The second family would only be a husband and wife. The four males under 16 may have included Gideon and perhaps James, John,  and Matthew. The 5 females must have included wife Phoebe, and daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Beda, Rachel, and Sarah (or Cassandra or Nancy). No information is available on any of their birth dates. Of course there could have been other relatives or friends living with the family, especially since they were apparently prosperous, given the noted land sales and the 18 slaves.

1791: A William Evans real estate deed in Edgefield Co., to William Shinholser, is recorded in Book 6, p 332.

1791: On Dec 3, 1791, a plat was recorded, certifying “for William Evans a tract of land containing 158 acres (surveyed for him the 2 day of May 1791) situated in the District of Orangeburgh...” Plat (see copy in file) is South of Shaws Creek, with swamp in North corner.

1791: Land grant on 7 Nov to William Evans on waters of Rockey Creek of Stevens Creek of Savannah R.

1792: A William Evans acquired a track of land on Shaw’s Creek (recorded in Barnwell County Plat Index now in State Archives in Columbia.)

1792: April 2; “William Evans, Dept. Surv. of Edgefield Co, SC” sold 240 acres in New Windsor, Edgefield Co. to William Shinholser, “Planter of same place for 100 pounds...”

1792: May 21: From Edgefield County SC Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12, Vol 1, 1985: Deed of Gift: William Evans Planter of Edgefield Co.,C to my loving son and daughter William & Ann Evans...to son William:horse, bridel, mare, bull, cow & calf, 3 volumes of Mr Wesley’s works, 1 testament....to daughter Ann: I feather bed, bedding, 1 pot and hook, 1 dutch oven....the condition is the use of above until the children come of age.

Note: This William Evans must not be our ancestor since we know of no William and Ann as his children.

1792: June 2: Plat filed certifying “for William Evans a tract containing 2000 acres surveyed 1 March 1792 situated in the District of Orangeburgh on Waters of Shaws Creek.” Also a second play dated June, 1792, for 3876 acres “situated on both sides of Cedar...(missing part) head Springs and hollows thereof...” (See copy of both plats taken from SC Archives in Columbia 3/95 in file) This same year William Evans sold land to William Shinholker.

Note: Cedar Creek branches off from Shaws Creek, both in upper NW corner of what became Barnwell County (from Orangeburgh District) in 1800. This land is adjacent to Edgefield County.

1792: A William Evans real estate deed to Wm. & Ann Evans is recorded in Bk 7, p.37. Also one to Casper Nail, Jr on pg 210.

1792: On Aug 7, a “William Evans, Surveyor” sold to Casper Nail, “Junr., Planter for 100 pounds, 50 acres being part of 640 acres originally granted 15 Oct 1784 unto John Richardson and was conveyed to said William Evans by L&R 18 Sept 1790.

1793: Dec 21, William Evans Deputy Surveyor to John Clark, Esq., Planter, both of Edgefield Co. For 15 pounds, sold 33 1/3 acres being part of 270 acres which was part of 640 originally granted to John Richardson who conveyed 8 Sep 1790 to said Evans, said land on branch of Savannah River...certified 21 Dec 1793 by Wm. Evans, D.S.

1794: Aug 13, William Evans, Deputy Surveyor to Daniel Nail Planter both of Edgefield Co., for 70 pounds, 100 acres being part of 640 acres granted to John Richardson, bounded by lands of Benj. Thurs? and sold to said Evans 1 Jul 1793 being near Beach Island... (This deed is recorded in book 11, p 290)

1795: Mar 11, William Evans Planter to John Lyon, both of Edgefield Co, for 35 pounds, sold one negro boy named James.

1795: Another deed is recorded from William Evans to Daniel Nail.

1795: Mar 17: William Evans to John Lyon for 40 pounds, one negro girl named Merier... Witt: Thos Bacon Jr., Jantcey? ?) Rec. 4 April 1795.

1795: Jan 8: William Evans and Kiziah, his wife of Edgefield (or Kiziah may be wife of John Lowe?) ...to John Lowe of Lexington Co, for 40 pounds, sold 373 acres being part of a grant 7 Nov 1791 unto William Eavans on waters of Rockey Creek of Stevens Creek of Savannah R. Signed William Evans Kezia Evans. Wit. Include Gilliam (W?) Evans and Batte Evans.

1797: Mar 30: Deed of William Evans to James & Jinloi? Lyon. In consideration of the nat. Love I bear to my ch. Jinley? & son in law John Lyon. Witnesses: J. Evans, James Martin, (John Evans)

1800: July 23: Deed for land from William Evans to John Lyon (book U or V, p 306) Land orig. From Allen Addison, May, 1762. Kiziah signs under James Harrison. Wit. Include Gilliam Evans and John Pace.

1800: Census of Edgefield District includes William Evans with 8 males, 7 females, and 12 slaves: Ages were 2 males under 10, 2 aged 10-16, 1 aged 16-26, 2 aged 26-45, 1 over 45; 4 females under 10, 1 10-16, 1, 26-45. Apparently the family had 7 sons and 5 daughters by this time.

Also this census lists Thomas Evans with 1 male and 1 female, and 2 slaves; another Thomas Evans with 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-26, 1 male 26-45, 3 females under 10, 2 16-26, 1, 26-45, and 8 slaves.  Also Batt Evans with 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1, 26-45, and 3 slaves.  No Evans families are listed in either Barnwell or Orangsburg Districts.  No Kitchens are listed in either.  In all there are 77 Evans families listed in S.C. with 9 John Evans'.

1803: Feb 4: Deed of Thomas Evans to Jacob ?, Book Y, p 260, land 100 acres lying on branch of A?fferhim? Creek being part of 500 acres gt to Abraham Martin 4 Feb 1803; William Evans, Elizabeth Evans signed, also Janley? Lyon.

1804: Son, John Martin, born in Barnwell County; married Sarah Wheeler (See E001)

1808: Son, Matthew born. (Tabernacle Church records show a Matthew Evans received by baptism on May 5, 1833; died May, 1858, aged 50, buried in the church cemetery with wife, Nancy Evans, born August 2, 1803; died June 14, 1889.)

1810:  Census of Edgefield District includes William Evans family with 2 males aged 10-15, 1 16-26, 1 over 45; females include 2 10-16, and 1 45 plus; with 12 slaves. Listed next, apparently living next door is John Evans with 1 male under 10,1 male, 26-45; 2 females under 10; 1 female 26-45; and 4 slaves. Also there is a Batt Evans; Nathan Evans, and 2 Robert Evans'. Orangeburgh District Census also included William Evans, John Evans, and John Evans Jr.

1814: Deed recorded for a William Evans in Edgefield Co. To Johathon Glanton (Book 32 page 92)

1820: Edgefield District Census includes William Evans, plus these other Evans': Batt, Cadwell, Elizabeth, Hester, Isham, Nathan, Peter, and Robert. William is listed with Males 26-40--000020; Females 10--10010; Females 26-45--1.  No Evans' are listed in Barnwell County.

There is one John Evans in Charleston Co. and a John R. Evans in Abbeville District.  Also a Martin Evans in Greenville Dist. with 3 males under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, and 1 female 26-45.

1821: Church records of Dean Swamp Baptist Church, founded in 1803 show John Evans a member at this time.

1823: Deed of William Evans Sr to James Evans on Jan 8. (I ?William Evans of St of Tenecy? Rutherfort Co. $300 paid by James...Eliz Evans, Frances ?)

1830: William (John?) and Phebe Evans moved their church letters from Dean Swamp and became charter members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, organized on November 3. (Tabernacle Baptist Church in 1995 is located on SC Hwy 4 between Springfield and Kitchings Mill, 6 miles from Dean Swamp Church, which is about 1 mile from Springfield, SC.)

"Dean Swamp, the mother of Tabernacle was a strong young church of 27 years while Rocky Spring and Rocky Grove were healthy sisters of 18 years. Tabernacle therefore of present churches of the Edisto is the 4th in years. All members of the Edgefield Association when the church was constituted.”

Charter members, all from the Dean Swamp included: John Evans, Elizabeth Kitchings, Pheby Evans...in all 13, six males and 7 females.

These 13 members "expressing their cordial approval and strict adherance to the principles of faith as contained in the minutes of the Edgefield Association and adopted by it at the Bethel Church, Nov 1827," were duly organized into Tabernacle Baptist Church.

The covenant adopted was very strong, declaring, among other things their purpose "to live together as becometh the Church of Christ, to take the Holy Scriptures as their rule of life, to bear with each other's weaknesses, not to be indulgent of the sins of each other and not to forsake the assembling for worship."

Negroes were received into the church and dismissed by letter or excommunicated (as were whites also). Church discipline was faithfully observed and such offenses as drunkenness, profanity, non-attendance severely dealt with: "Elias Hallman charges church with unorthodox discipline, refuses to commune."  Members in open conference preferred charges against each other, for example, "an extra conference called to consider charges made by Sister Della McGraw against some members of the church." "Member of Rocky Springs complains that a member of Tabernacle sued him at law." "J.W. Brodie reported Jack Martin (a colored Brother) for drunkenness and profanity. Jack being present denies the charge and case postponed." At a later conference Jack "being present and expressing godly sorrow was forgiven."  Still later Jack "reports himself for another offence of drunkenness, expresses godly sorrow and is forgiven."

(Above from 1930 Centennial Exercises)

The following excerpts were copied by Bruce Evans from the original church records in possession of the present church clerk, a Mr. Gunter, in July, 1992.

The Articles to Rules of Conduct on first page of old record book include: "to contribute; not to be absent from conference for 2 meetings; to report any brother who does not comply;

"9th -- That we as a church will suppress drunkeness, profanity, dancing or any other immorality among our members.

10th -- That the habitual use of intoxicating liquer as a beverage be forbidden among our members.

Rules of Decorum include: "No member shall have the liberty of laughing during the setting nor whispering during the time of public speach."

S. B. Sawyer succeeded William Broker as pastor Dec 1, 1855. He served one or two years, the record is not clear on account of a break in the records from Dec 1, 1855 to June 30, 1860 and was succeeded by Hiram LeCroy in 1858 probably...who preached first sermon in new building June 4, 1862 (this is the present building in 1992; clerk told me they had rafted logs to Charleston to be sawed and brought them back by train for building the church)

1864: 3/5 "Resolved that we as a church will suppress dancing and any immorality among our members."

1872: Dismissed by letter Rosa Matheny 5/9

1873: Received Gidean Evans by letter 1/10

1873: Membership list includes: Male members include James Kitching.  Female members include Nancy Evans, Ann Evans, F.A. Kitching, W.C. Kitching, Gatter Kitching, Rosa Matheny, Della Kitching, Elizabeth Evans (Dismissed 1885), Matilda Kitching.

1873: Gidean Evans died 12/31

1874: James Kitching died 4/9

1874: 6/13 "Fredric Friday (A colored man) presented himself for restoration but the brethren did not think expedient to receive him which was carried..."

1875: "Sister Lou Walker had been guilty of dancing."

Feb. 13: "The church presented a letter from each of those sisters (Lou Walker and Della Kitching) in which they expressed Godly sorrow for their acts, beging the forgiveness of all the brethren, which was gladly received."

"Brother Duke Roberts reported himself for being under the influence of spirituous liquors and expressed godly sorrow, and asked forgiveness of the breghren which was granted."

1875: J.L. Kitching died 5/31; Ann Teaalle died 9/15

1877: Elizabeth Owens died 3/22

1880: Philip Kitching died 7/8

1885: Dismissed by letter Elizabeth Evans 8/2

1888: 10/5 "...that each male member pay annually to the church 25 cts on or before January 1."

1889: Nancy Evans died 6/15

1900: R.L. Evans received by letter 3/3; died 8/28.  He was only Evans listed at this time.  Ann Evans died June 6, 1905.

1918: Della Kitchings "one of the best friends the church ever had" made a gift of the "Della Kitchings" parsonage "splendid and well equipped."  (Clerk laughed and told me Sister Della always liked to dance and once said: "I got the Lord in my heart and the Devil in my feet."


1830: Census of Abbyville County lists Wm. Evans with 1 male under 10, 1 male 20-30, and one male 70-80; Females include 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 20-3-, and 1 40-50.  This census also includes an Ezekiel Evans listed on the same page, apparently living near by.

The Census of Edgefield includes 2 John Evans'; One with 1 male 5-10; 1 male 20-30; 1 female 0-5; 1 female, 20-30.  Second one: 1 male 0-5; 1 male 30-40; 1 female 15-20; 4 slaves: 1 male 10-20; 2 females, 0-5; 1 female 24-30.  Also listed: Benjamine, Harriet, Nathan, Presay, and Tacarick Evans.  1 Gideon Evans is listed in Barnwell District.

The Edgefield County Census of this year lists John Evans with 1 male 0-5, 1, 30-40; 1 female 15-20; plus 7 slaves. A second John Evans family includes 1 male 5-10, 1 20-30; 1 female 0-5, and 1 female 20-30; slaves, 4.

No William Evans is recorded in Edgefield County in this census. Gideon Evans is recorded in Barnwell County. (See E032).

Other children of William and Phoebe Evans included:

Mary (Polly) Evans (E039): Married a Jackson (or perhaps a B. Baggett, with son, Robert Baggett. According to this date, she would have been born in 1824 and died in 1861 in New Orleans).

Obedience (Beda) Evans (E036): Married a Posey.

Rachel Evans: Married a Courtney.

Sarah (Sally) Evans: Married Phillip Kitching. Phillip died July 8, 1880.

James Evans (E034): Moved to Mississippi.

Cassandra Evans (E037): Married Mabult (Marbert?)

John Evans: Moved to Mississippi (A John Evans, Jr. was received by baptism at Tabernacle Church on August 31, 1833 and dismissed by letter on October 5, 1833. John Evans, Sr. was a charter member of Tabernacle and died on February 2, 1835)

Nancy (Ann) Evans (E038): perhaps born in 1803 and married Matthew Evans? (See grave at Tabernacle Church); or she may be Nancy T. who married John White Sr. on 12/24/1854? A Nancy Evans is listed as a member of Tabernacle Church in 1873; died June 15, 1889 (An Ann Evans death on June 6, 1905, is noted in Tabernacle Church records)

Sarah (E040): Died in 1889 (see letter in D001 from S.C.); S.C. Marriages 1749-1867 list a Sarah A. Evans married to William Wheeler "lived 1827" (Vol 2 HILL, pg 222-228). In parenthesis the record adds: "did not marry; had child only) (he died July 1829) (daughter of John Evans) (Charleston District). The next listing is a Susan A. Evans to William Wheeler (common-law marriage).  Also in S.C. Marriages 1749-1867 Implied in S.C. Equity Reports there is listed: "Holcombe, G.W. to ____ Evans (daughter of John Evans) "lived 1824" (Volume HARPER pg. 202-204)

In Nancy Evans’ diary : "my father (Martin Evans) had a sister to (part of page missing), Hydrie (Betsy Hydrick?), one a posey (Beadie?), one jas? (James?)"

1839: A William Evans, Sr., will dated June 17, 1836 in Abbeville Dist. was proved Feb 11, 1839...Children: William, Peter, Henry Evans, Polly, Elizabeth, Martha White...sum $20,000. (From Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville Dist. Wills and Bonds) (Book 2, p413; Box 30, pack 647 in Abbeville Wills & Bonds) Also Ezekiel Evans will in Abbeville on page 334.

1833-1850?: William Evans died. The 1850 census shows Phoebe Evans, aged 85 living with her son Gideon Evans (also Gideon's mother-in-law, Lucretia Weeks, aged 82). (This 1850 census also includes an 8 year old William Evans living with a F?eazborn family in Abbyville District.)

1850: Census of Orangeburgh District lists John Evans, age 68, Planter; Value of Real Estate: $2000; 4 in household; 38 slaves. Same census liste David W. Evans age 27, Planter; Value $1,500, 4 in household, 8 slaves. Also Matthew Evans, age 44, Value $300, 3 in household, and no slaves.

There is no available information on the death of John Evans or his wife Phoebe.


Tabernacle Baptist Church Cemetery in 1995 had these graves:

James Kitching: 1791-1847; wife Elizabeth died 1868, age 74, 6 mo., 28 days

James E. Kitching: 1855-1918; wife Della: 1855-1940

Philip Kitching: 1804-1880; wife Harriet C., daughter of Evan and Sarah Prothro, 1818-1870

Mary Weeks

Matthew Evans 1808-May, 1858; wife Nancy Evans, Aug 2, 1803-June 14, 1889

(Adjoining graves)

James Riley Fulmer: 1835-1915; wife Marthenia F. July 30, 1834-Dec 25, 1926

J. Bunyan Kitching: 1837-1907

James Edward Kitching: 1824-1897

(Minister of Tabernable Church in 1995 was Eddie Penland)

(Shaw’s Fork Baptist Church is just West of Kitchins Mill in 1995)