My Great Great Grandfather on Father’s Side

1802: Born Oct.16, at Wadmalaw Island, SC., son of Henry Samuel Fickling and Jane Legare.

Information from a family Bible belonging to his daughter, Florence Levicy Fickling: "Wm. Johnson F. the son of Henry and Jane F. was born Oct 10."

1818: Following the death of his father his father’s brother, Francis Fickling Sr., of the Barnwell District, was appointed William’s guardian. According to family lore he “clerked in a store and became a Baptist preacher.”

1821: On Dec. 1 William witnessed the sale of three slaves by Sarah Fickling, widow of his uncle, Thomas Fickling of Barnwell District, to her son, Christofer F. Fickling.

1824: William married Elizabeth Jane Reed, daughter of Hugh Reed and Jane McSpeddon, on Feb 14. A few months later he purchased 517 acres on the S/S of Snake Branch in the Barnwell District in present day Bamburg Co. near lees, SC for $1,000 from John Reed, Elizabeth’s uncle.

This land was near a large tract owned by Elizabeth’s father and other members of the Reed family. (This land is in present Bamburg County, about 5 miles East of Blackville, SC.)

Their children were: (Info from family Bible)

1825: Jane Elizabeth; born "March 9th, Tues. morning"; Received into Willow Swamp Baptist Church in 1835; Married Abraham Hartzog Aug 26, 1841; "Jane E. Hartzog departed this life 9th July."

1826: Henry "Sam e? F. was..."5th 1826 the first son.."; baptized into Willow Swamp Baptist Church, Dec 15, 1841; Wed T.E. (Sarah) Robinson Oct. 10, 1847; records of Willow Swamp Church lists Henry and Joseph Fickling as members in 1844. In 1867 "H.L. Fickling was appointed delegate to Association." In 1868 "H.L. Fickling was appointed on committee "to recommend what course be taken on church indebtedness." In 1871 "Bro Fickling applied for letters of dismission for himself and family. Granted."

1829: "Rebckah the daugh of W.J. & Elizabeth F. born June 25th Thursday." This was Mary Rebecca who marriedD.S. Tyler on Dec 19, 1844.  "Mary R. Tyler departedthis life Sept 15th ? minutes before 4 o'clock." (Or May 1, 1890; see D1 1890 letter). Also "married Jacob Frye of Spartenburg the year of 82."

1831: Martha Ann "the daughter, W.J. & Eliz F was... April1st Fri. morn."; baptized into Willow Swamp Baptist Church on Nov. 24, 1843; "Martha Ann F. married E.W. Boylston; Dec 6, 1848." "Martha Ann Boyl? departed this lifeFeb. 26, 1849, Friday evening twenty minutes after one."

1833: "Sarah Ann F. born June 7."  Received into Willow Swamp Baptist Church 12/2/1847; Wed Segrest.

1835: Christopher Francis born Ap 22.; died Nov 4, 1841,"Thurs morn twenty min after nine."

1838: "Florance Levicy F. born Oct.29 Monday Morn fifty min.after ?" (D2). Baptised into Willow Swamp Baptist Church, Aug. 25, 1858. William Johnson was once pastor of Gents Branch Baptist Church. He and Elias E. Roberts officiated at the organizational meeting of the Canan Church in Cope, SC, that was founded on April 29, 1838.

1840: "Wm. Fuller  Nov 4, Wednes evening four o'clock.";died Sept 6, 1857.

1842: "Joseph, born Dec 30 Friday night 25 min after teno'clock."  "Joseph had 1 daughter by his first wife whois now Mrs. Kittie Kennedy.  He later married Eliz.Livingston and had 3 children: Elliott F, Mrs. J.G.Foy, and Mrs. L.K. Sturkie."  Minutes of Willow Swamp Baptist Church show Joseph was a member.  In 1866 "Bro J.L. Fickling reported himself for fighting and using bad words. He gave satisfaction and was forgiven." in 1867 "J.L. Fickling gave satisfaction for missing conference." In Nov. of 1867 he was granted a letter of dismission. Joseph's wife Eliza V. "died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John B. Foy, Springfield, this afternoon (June 5, 1917) Mrs. L.K. Sturkie of Orangeburg is a daughter of Mrs. Fickling."

1846: Cornelia Ackling, born Ap 7.  "wed Thomas ? and wasmother of Clarence, Sam, Eugene, Huey, Dewitt, Johnnie, Eunice and Stella (Babers). Later Cornelia married TomRogers (of Saline) grandfather and separated."  Her first husband was William E. Thomas (wed 24 Dec 1868). Cornelia was a member of Willow Swamp Baptist Church. On April 14, 1866 "Sister Cornelia Fickling was reported for dancing...Fro Reed appointed to see her. May 19th. took up case of Sister Cornelia Fickling she through Bro Reed made satisfactory acknowledgement and was forgiven. In Jan., 1868, "Sister Cornelia Fickling was reported for dancing. On motion the case was taken up and she expelled."

1848: William Johnson Fickling died Nov. 26, leaving an estate including 11 slaves, 2 colts, 2 mares, 1 mule, 23 cattle, 35 sheep, 23 hogs, and a growing crop of corn and rice. he owned two tracts of land, one totaling 517 acres on Snake Branch where his family lived, and 75 acres near Little Saltkehatchie River. The estate was sold at auction and many items were purchased by his wife Elizabeth and his son, Henry Samuel Fickling.

1849: His last daughter, "Pollean Olivia F born June 11"  Polly married Ben Workman. "Married: Miss Ella Fickling to Mr. E.B. Workman, at the home of her brother G.E. Fickling of this city...they will make their home at Neeses, where Mr. Workman is rural mail carrier No. 3." (T & D, 18 Jan 1910)

Reed, Elizabeth

1808: Born "...ember 2nd Ano Do. 1808."; married William Johnson

Fickling (see E007 above).

1851: Died Jan 7.