Keeping masculine integrity on the longer way to personhood; keeping balls (or getting them back) rather than becoming a pussy-whipped, ball-less, wimp; consciously allowing, accepting, and embracing all natural male capacities and attributes.

Mediating embraced masculinity in society primarily structured around female values; learning and living-out artful discretion in all expressions of masculinity in the outside world, especially in the company of females.

Only in war, the woods, small segments of male sports, and in the exclusive company of other males, can natural masculinity be openly and safely revealed and activated.

Otherwise, elsewhere in the midst of all social structures from home to school to city, in both politics, business, and religion, most masculine instincts are best kept consciously contained and carefully mediated in society with artful discretion.

In summary, a wise man, concerned with personal wholeness and living well in current society, especially with women, is well advised to most often appear and act more like a "good woman" than a "real man"–that is, one who embraces and lives-out socio/religious female values as though they were his own, without at the same time denying and repressing his genetic heritage within himself.

Perhaps, if analyzed, the familiar compliment, "He's a real gentle-man," may point toward this universal male challenge. First, real means existentially natural, not phoney; gentle may summarize the essence of female values; and man stands for instinctive masculinity.

A true gentleman is to be distinguished from a wimp in male clothes, a pussy-whipped wuss who only acts like a man. Together, as one word, gentle-man implies a manly man, strong and powerful, who can also be as gentle as a lamb when appropriate to any current circumstance; but such female-like gentleness in a true "gentleman" is never an escape from or substitute for ever-ready, aggressive hardness when needed.



Trying to get something from women

all the way from pussy

to our own right brains

to permission to be ourselves

is a cloak for threats

inherent in re-embracing male powers

once repressed in quest of a mother's mysterious resources

truly needed back then before instincts for individuation

were, as it were, short circuited

by magical beliefs in awesome Goddesses

forerunners of more manageable girls

and delightful possibilities of giving something back

even the rare wonders of love