The woman is smarter...she's smarter than the man in every way.

Harry Belefonte song.

Well, not in every way; but insofar as overall mental usage is concerned, woman's type of whole brain thinking easily overwhelms man's limited type or left brain, train-track, logic. Women may not "make much sense" to typical male-type reasoning; but when the two modes of mind use are pitted against each other, woman's circular way of thinking commonly proves superior to man's linear "logic" in most arenas of daily living outside of science, philosophy, and religion.


Be reasonable with a woman, but rarely try to use reasons to convince her of anything.

If you resurrect this mental device, at which men typically excel, you may indeed achieve temporary success--that is, win an immediate point; but predictably you will lose in the long run, because in final analysis women value heart more than mind, their "feelings" more than your "reasons."

Even when women ask for reasons, as: "Why did you do that?" "Why does such and such happen?," etc., they are more likely using such questions to voice personal curiosity, not to get whatever explanations you may have.

Also, given their circular, wholistic mode of thinking, as distinguished from typically male linear, focused, "train track" type of thinking, females are vastly better at creating plausible reasons for whatever they "feel like" they want to do. Technically, this is rationalizing as males understand logic; but this is of small consequence to most females.

Consequently, in conversation with males who value "reasons" more than "feelings," women are quick to translate personal desires into sensible ideas when they recognize this typical male limitation. They are often skillful in making what they want (their "point") sound sensible--that is, in speedily creating quasi-plausible explanations for their even their most irrational tastes.

When contrived logic works, fine; but just as women may be able to quickly create sensible reasons (actually, excuses) to justify cloaked desires, as long as they prove effective, they can, often with even greater speed, totally abandon all attempts at sense-making when this male mode seems to be failing. They can, that is, quickly switch from sense to emotions when the greater powers of the latter seem called for--an option rarely available to men.

A further female advantage in such encounters with men is rooted in their freedom from the typical male necessity of "having to win," or losing "face" along with losing a point. Whereas males, as sperm-bearers, are instinctively driven to compete, to try to win, to come out on top, to best all opposition, and typically "fear losing" as though any loss is self-destructive, females, ova-bearers, are commonly better at waiting and cooperating--that is, not "having to win."

Consequently they can easily leave a conflict or disagreement at any time, without loss of "face" or self--an option rarely embraced by males. Obviously any form of "well have it your way," or, "It's okay if you want to think that," that allows a woman to thwart a man's point-making by easily withdrawing at any time she finds herself losing at logic (or for any other reason), is an ever-present threat to win-or-lose type males.

Point: Even though there are rare times when "trying to be reasonable," or, "trying to explain yourself" to a woman is feasible, mostly, staying reasonable oneself--which involves remaining fully conscious of one's own "sense," while at the same time aware of the limited value (and even less power) inherent in using reasons to sway a woman, a wiser man opts instead for standing quietly with his own conclusions (not trying to prove his point with words) and thoughtfully charting another course of action.

This is especially true as female "irrationality" or expanding emotionality escalates. Few male activities are as irrational as "trying to be reasonable" with an emotional woman. When so, as is all too commonly the case, the more reasonable a may tries to be, the more emotional a woman will predictably become. And, since emotions are inherently more powerful than even the best of reasons, a man who continues in such a fruitless endeavor will predictably be a loser.

And all this "logical thinking" yet ignores a woman's trump card of withholding sex--if not herself, whenever a dependent male is in any way displeasing to her--as in trying to be right based on logic alone.

A woman convinced

against her heart

is yet of the mind

she was at the start

A wiser man remains reasonable himself in the presence of an emotional woman who may listen to logic, even try to sound reasonable herself, but who, in final analysis, will go by feelings rather than sense.