"...this above all else; to thine own self be true."


Keeping personal integrity is a key issue in following any or all of the guidelines suggested here. One might keep all the "rules (of thumb)" and present appearances of a perfect relationship; but if self-integrity is lost in the process, there can be no "living well" with any woman, no matter how good she may be.

If a man loses his sense of his male self, his integrity as an individual person entirely separate and apart from any woman, then the essential basis for a healthy relationship is undermined in the process.

Many of the guidelines enumerated here require a great deal of acquiescence in the process of living well with a "superior creature"; but acquiescence is always to be sharply distinguished from "giving in"–whereby personal integrity is diminished in the process.

Better to rebel-with-integrity, than to give in and lose one's sense-of-self in the process.

Better to be seen as an "ass hole" than to become a "pussy," or a chauvinistic male than an obedient wimp; but better still, to acquire arts of appropriate acquiescence without any "giving in" in the process.

For example, two of my suggestions, "Thinking Like a Woman" and "Doing Dumb Things," will be far easier to follow if a man simply caves in and blindly succumbs to a woman's wants and ways (which many men will see as being "pussy whipped"); but as I intend these and other guidelines to successful living with women, they only apply when a man can consciously acquiesce or defer-in-an-event without any loss of personal integrity in the process.

Or, paraphrasing Shakespeare, "Above all else, keep your male self intact while bending for practical reasons aimed at living well with a woman."