Women seem to commonly have an unconscious urge to keep men waiting (or so it appears to us) as, I suspect, a way of managing a degree of desired control over a relationship.

Full credit is due for female needs for elaborate preparations before going out, a trait not shared with men, including not going out until "ready," a state of presence which few men can ever understand.

"Eight O'clock," for instance, means a specific clock time to a male; but to a female it has little to do with numbers on a clock, and rather translates into "when I'm ready"–no matter how long that may take.

A wiser man is well behooved to simply accept this gender difference without having to understand; otherwise he must confront a challenging mystery. I, however, have been unable to avoid trying to figure it out, and have so far concluded that past realistic feminine urges for "looking good" before going out, they do commonly harbor deep inclinations to keep men waiting, for reasons of power rather than pure coincidence.

I further speculate that such unconscious drives–if indeed they exist, may also reflect genetic wisdom related to escalating male attraction, as in, playing hard to get, to get it hard to get.

But even if I am totally wrong, such speculations relive me of confronting my own impatience.