Almost universally and in all immediate situations men seem to believe that females, or various of their body parts (e.g., tits and ass), "turn us on"--or worse, "off." I conclude that this popular belief is about 90% rooted in male repression of natural sexuality. Were it not, or to the degree that a man unrepresses this part of himself, the sexual appeal of females will be limited to real signs of baby-making potential, especially, clues to estrus--that is, present-tense ovulation.

And even when these evidences are present, an unrepressed male will consciously realize that manifest sexual powers, specifically, erectile forces and urges to copulate are operative within himself--not "caused by" an attractive female herself. He will know, that is, that indeed he is "on," but as a result of self-activation innate in male capacities, not "made so" by illusions of a female's "turn on" capacities.

Being sexually conscious, rather than repressed, he will be easily able to look openly at female bodies, even a naked lady, to lust naturally, and yet remain sensibly present and act responsibly--that is, to not blindly fall into irresponsible control by what he sees.

A past radio and TV series named What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?" portrayed scenes in which males were unexpectedly confronted by a nude woman. The amusing element, past obvious titillation, was how consistently males became tongue-tied in the presence of female nudity--that is, lost the ability to think clearly and speak reasonably at the time.

I think the program was a demonstration of the near universal fact of fragile male reasoning powers in the presence of female bodies--that is, how consistently we males are unwittingly controlled by such visual stimuli. And furthermore, I conclude that this is only possible following significant male repression of masculine sexuality, with corresponding projection of sexual powers onto females (or their bodies).

Otherwise, I continue to theorize, an unrepressed male would remain sensibly alert, carefully and consciously scoping for signs of estrus, while lusting delightfully, but at the same time attentive to social circumstances. All this rather than getting goo goo eyed, tongue-tied, losing presence of mind, saying something stupid, and/or acting irresponsibly in the encounter.

He would be more like a power-full bull carefully examining a cow for signs of readiness to conceive, than like an out-of-control boy suddenly finding himself in a female nudist colony.

Summary: By nature of itself, one aspect of repression is loss of conscious reasoning powers--that is, existing dictated by mindless, primal genetic urges, as evidenced in the above depiction of males in the presence of female nudity. My conclusion is that this situation only exists to the degree of male sexual repression with corresponding projection of inherent powers onto females thereafter assumed to possess irresistible "turn on" powers by simply being present and embodied.

Earlier I estimated that seeming "turn on" powers of females may be about 90% rooted in male repression/projection. The remaining 10% can, I theorize, be properly attributed to stimulus/response type male reactions at least partially engened after eons of replication by sexual means. Just as Pavlov's dogs automatically salivated at the sight of food, or humans have knee-jerk, non-thinking reactions to pain (e.g., being burned), or to possible dangers associated with sudden noises in the night--all of which probably evolved before and are thus deeper than conscious thinking, so, I conclude, have limited male reactions to any prospects of replication (such as, seeing a female) no matter how small or inaccurate they may be.

But--and this is my observation here: Such automatic male reactions to female nudity can probably account for no more than 10% of apparent "turn ons" today. The remaining 90%, I conclude, results from typical degrees of existing male sexual repression today.

Symptoms of this situation include: uncontrollable erections; generalized "fear of women" cloaked by illusions of male superiority, attempted domination, rape, and abuse of females; male "performance anxiety"; psychological "fear of impotence"; and many instances of "erectile dysfunction" occasioning the popularity of Viagra and Cialis today.