THE WORD

     which was in the beginning

                    with God and

                      is God

                       is Love


        the word may be heard

             yet remains incomplete

        a symbol

                beautiful in itself

                           yet void

                of signification

          -form without meaning-

     Only fleshed

          does the word

                    dwell among us

          and we behold

              the glory of God

          and glory does be

              when we flesh

                    THE WORD



where my body has been

          might interest you slightly

     and would be easier

          for me to tell

But if you dare know me

     ask instead

  about the journeys

         of my heart

And if I dare tell you

     we will love

                in the sun

     instead of passing briefly

                    in the night


Come sweet bird

       and fly away with me

    Lift your head

     Spread your wings

      Let's journey

                  to the sea

        And in the salt spray

                    of wind

                     and wave

                      and sand


           Let's stand

                    and be

       Come sweet bird 


Come ride with me

            the waves

       of that tempestuous


       which demands all


             promises naught






                and that we be


It looked like this

          in the sand:




before the wind

blew only the signs





Were you there?

     Did you hear

         the trumpets?

Or did I crown you

         so privately

         so quietly

     that only I

          missed the royal event?




     with brilliance

          after a pink fanfare

He rose

     Did he know

         he was too late

            for everything

                 except this new day?

     Already you had risen

             to the zenith

                     of my sky

                blinding me

                         to his glory


Blessed Art Thou


           of breathlessness






         Sweet Bird

       Come fly



            with me

                 in breathless





There are days

      and then

          there are days


      and then


But for

    sheer verticalness

          Oh, today

          Oh, thou



In the melody

    of your voice

     I take heart

 In the warmth

     of your smile

      my spirit quickens

  In the touch

      of your hand

       I come alive

   In your love

           I am


         with love 


the earth

      you are the earth

                the good earth


          into whose heart

                   my roots

                      deeply reach

          drawing forth







          from which

                grows a tree

                        reaching toward


                        living in

                                the sun

                yet with

                    and from


                      in the earth

                         the very good earth



Wine is fine


 heart is gone


  lovers must pretend


   all we need


    me and thee

             to make

     a perfect blend

               The bubbles

                   are a bonus




I hesitate to tell you

     lest religious atheism spook you

           or my projections tempt you

                               to omnipotence

I suspect though

          that my fears are only mine

       or I would not have dared the prayer

                                to begin with

So add this confession

       to my extended list:

     In heaven, as you know,

                I touch you

           but did you also know

                that in times of my descent

                        I pray to you......

                and that you

                   answer prayers?


Was it a hundred times

    or a thousand?

         who knows?

    In heaven, they keep no score

Engrossed, I was,

     Alone, I thought,

  in some new gift

           of God's wonder--

     when out of the shadows

              of my mind

      you skipped lightly

                to center stage

          Outshining the signs

                   of His presence

              with the beauty

                     of His face

                reflected in your love

                enhancing my day




sometimes you say yes

          giving me permission

                     to be more of myself

                 than I dare without you

     then I like you

                  for letting me

sometimes you say no

          taking my invitation


             and I must risk

                           being alone

     then I hate you

                 for denying me

            until I discover

                   that the right was

                             always mine


     and I am freed

           to love you

                    for yourself alone


At times of my fear

     in your absence

   or my excitement

     in your presence

I sometimes make an idol

              out of you


           that the journey to myself

                     is the main event

But then I remember

     as my faith allows

        me to return you to earth

     and I am freed

           to love you all the more



I know now

       why you scare me so

  Mostly I speak.

         I'm comfortable there.

     But you call me

          you call me forth

           you call me

                  to the faith required

                   to practice what I preach

  I am at home

          speaking myself

     but you dare invite me

                  to become

                      who I am

     So naturally

                I fear

                    and love you

                        PURE GRACE




We can only

        fit together

When we're fit

        to be alone



The most important



  in a delicious love

  is the embraced ability

      to stand shaking



Alone Again

        I've gone

     As so often

        I must

Awaiting the return

            of Thou

So I can walk again

          with Thee



      we met again:

She there: I here


       in the aftermath

              of our love

       we are separate again

Yet one




touch the Sun,


          with me

      It's light will heal our blindness

close your eyes

       and we will see forever

                in this moment

 fear not the heat

       only our hearts

                  will know the flame

  open yourself now

       the shadow of God

                   enfolds us

     Heaven is at hand

          So come, Love,

                    touch the Sun

                               with me




I love beauty

     wherever I can find it

but when I have a choice

     I'll take the beauty

                 of touch


          over the beauty

                 of sight

     My heart sees much better

                than my eyes



When you want it

     you want something

              very big

     and few are able

So ask carefully



The hell of it is

    I can't do a damn thing


      and that's the hell of it

But if some lonely time

    your heart hits bottom

Please know that

     I'm standing around


              loving you


It may well be

     that absolutely no good

                      at all

     will come from this

          senseless tragedy.

None, I'm sure,

      could ever redeem it.

Even so, I hold you closer

         now in my heart

     than ever before

             in my arms.



     attacking or defending,

     driving or running away,

     being biologically based,

Is always easier

     than hearing

          the projected confessions

           of a tortured soul

           on the war path

But not half the fun

     in the long run

           as loving


       though lonely


The short side of caring

                  is sad;

Caring itself is good,

     but its end

         is always bad,

Unless it becomes

       the beginning of love.




     Unless you want

          to sing the sea's song forever

              dance the equinox

                climb the rainbow

                 bathe in the milky way

                  drink wine in fire light

             ride love tides to the horizon

                                  and beyond

                     be born again

                        in the midnight sun

     Unless you want to

            run quickly, my love,


            for my opening heart

                      calls you

                 my hand beckons




Be careful


     I'll love you

Look at me

        and I'll smile at you

Speak to me

         and I'll answer you

Listen to me

          and I'll talk to you

Touch me

      and I'll respond to you

Love me

     and I'll open my heart to you

All this, of course,

          when I have the nerve

          to be present with you

     Otherwise, I'll probably run

If not

   I'll love you 



     If you're smart

          when I have to have you

See through my charade

            of not needing you

Do not be deceived

          by my invisible prison bars

     When my gift has a hook

                   don't bite

Run, Love,

     with all your might

     But not too far

               I hope

     So that when I come to my senses


                knowing I can't 


                standing it

You'll be somewhere listening

                for your name


Don't love me

      for I am naught

      And might be


                 by your love

Love with me

     when you will


          and we will see





     the fun is in the gamble


                 I know that

     but often I forget

          when the stakes

                are not high






    building bridges




    being with

All else





       are opposites:

Each excludes the other.

The first is heaven;

The second is hell,

     though cloaked

     in gossamer illusions

                   of bliss.


In love

    you can lean

        and support

    trust and be counted on

     give your heart


     get one in return

But loving

     means standing

And that takes faith



                I shouldn't love,

                        but I may,


                  love is a choice

                      not a duty

                          a could

                      not a should

                          an option

                      not an ought.

               Loving is inherently virtuous

                       but love is not a virtue.

                Whenever I slip into the realm of duty,

                         I fall out of the land of love.

                Love is not yet a part of human nature,

                                 a natural thing to do;

                     still it remains

                            an elusive decision

                     calling for the highest

                                  within me

                    and a nerve I often fail

                                      to muster.

                I've evolved, obviously,

                      far enough to want it

                                      but not

                      far enough to bring it--

                         without choosing.


                Nothing yet within drives me to love;

                I can't, without rising to my zenith.

                Calling in my chips

                               comes easy, and

                Tit for Tat is ingrained by now--

                                  or running away;

                    for these I need not choose.


                But ignoring my chips,

                                  tits or tats,

                              and reaching out

                    is sometimes the greatest

                                act of courage

                    in my repertoire of human choices--

                Especially in the dark.



     I hate to see and say,

is often not

     the loving thing

                 to do

Even God


hides himself

      for sake of love



Rather your blows

            or your tears

       than the hollow smile

            that separates us

       as surely as a stone wall

            and leaves me alone


            in the fearful walls

            of my own non-existence

Would that I were whole

        so I could be content

      to accept the smile

                 and know

                that your own needs

                        at this time

         prevent your coming out

                       to meet me

But now

      I cannot



     Divorce Pros

Con information is abundant

Pro knowledge is often kept secret

Here's one show and tell:

The honesty of untying an illusionary knot

                          for all its pain

    is better than the dishonesty

    of stabilizing what is inherently






Stubborn pride

         or fear

     I know not what

       kept us apart

                   so long

            that the jungle

                      became impenetrable

                           or too fearsome

                              or something

            and so apart

                 we part



       are yours

      the fundamental sin

                  is mine



     a spoken word


     more difficult

  than an obvious



     when a dream




the dying, yes,

           but why did it have to rain?

    deaths are inevitable

            an integral part

            of the process

            of being born again

       but why did it have to rain?




                 courting that full moon

                 mounting to a high wind

           at the time of death

the dying, yes,

           but why did it have to rain?


Yellow the leaves

       and green

    in the Fall of love

       and love's Spring


October has come

   warm summer has gone away

Yet the sun still shines



   a tragedy

she came

     bearing gifts


       never knowing

             that she

         was more




          DUMB ONE

I've heard some dumb ones

                in my time

       but this one

                 tops the list:

       "Thank you for loving me"

        As though my reward

           weren't greater than

                        your own


I'm glad you've refused

     to fall in love with me

That temptation

     I might not

          have been able

                to resist



     plays hide and seek

          on the ceiling

     with the lights of passing cars

          she sleeps soundly


                           but not me

     There is a heaviness

           like the smell of bananas


                            or gardenias


             in the scent

                        of spent love

             as I return

                     to my lostness

                     and she sleeps


     plays hide and seek

             in the soul of my being

     with the lights of passing love



Fiercely I drove home

              my tenderness

         insisting that she receive it.

Tenderly she offered

               her fierceness

         allowing me to deny it.

Regrettably we missed.




        really hurt,

   slip into the chasm

        of EXPECTATIONS in a relationship;

   the fall may be fun

       but with it comes, in time,

     the predictable bottom,

       kindly called DISAPPOINTMENT;

   more honestly named:




The major cost of love

          is expectations.


     the reward,

     knowing God,

Is well worth the price.


Your shortcomings

     are much easier to see

              than are

My expectations

     on which they are based

     But far less useful

             to focus on



to have been loved long


to have been forgiven


     to love


     to do the same


No apologies please

     or explanations

         excuses or


They're not required

             needed or


You've earned the right

    to be yourself with me

    (as though love didn't

               grant it first)

So, mysterious one,

     say no more

      than who you are 


      meet me when you can

Your love

       is more than enough




I cannot give you

     the surprise of being surprised

         by an equally surprised bullfrog

      the whispering music of wind

                      in tall pines

       the silence of walking

                    on damp moss

         the smell of mulberries

                    and wet pine needles

          the rhythm and designs of a black water snake

                      crossing a still pond

           the dark brilliancy of red sweetgum leaves

                     approaching our common destiny

            the sway of tall feathery cattails

                                         breeze caressed

             the soft of velvety brown mushrooms

                           inviting touch

              the delicate nerve of Indian Pipes

                   daring to stand alone

                the taste of cool spring water

                            fresh-freed from dark ground

Nor my love

        but would

             that I could




Cold is the time

         of the heart's away

                           and hard

                            and alone

            mo matter how many

                       are with

     Warm is the time

                  with heart

                         and wild

                          and tender


                       and present

          The difference


                       is your smile


          SIZE OF HEART

In the outside world

       things may properly be divided

                  into large and small

But in the realm of heart

       such distinctions disappear

     a little kiss

       may be larger than an elephant

     the Empire State Building

       may be smaller than a single touch

When you come to heart

         forget about size

     It doesn't matter anyway



Love and Therapy

     share a common phenomenon:

In the midst of each

     we find the freedom

To become more honest

      in the assumed acceptance

of Lover or Therapist,

     To trot out our pathology

     To reveal our ghosts

     To chance being healed



No intercourse

        could have been more intimate

   than our silent communion

         in that church

              of wind/rock

                 water and sun

   when the Holy Spirit breathed

        through our finger tips


love is strong

     but the threads of intimacy

                      are tenuous



    once more

  my mind

       as always

     turns to you

who more

    than any other

    know my heart

         born of the union

              of them both



          GOOD EARTH

Once I thought

     you were the good earth

            perhaps you were

                    back then

                        to me

But no more

        God now

             is my ground

And you, dear heart,


         his handmaiden

                grown too

                 from His soil

                       like me

             eloquently voicing

                        His word


                        pure grace




Why "Love" Fails:

After awhile it becomes evident

      that salvation takes faith


      that grace is not the same

                    as dependency

Then one must either

         muster courage and

         go to work


     or leave.

The latter is the more popular choice.


          LETTING GO

The reaching forth

                of letting go

                        I love

    The challenge

               of the next bend

                   awakens music

                        in my heart

        will there be

                     a lush green pasture?

                     a thirsting desert?

                     a bed of ease?

             or yet another mountain

                     higher than the last?


         my eyes

            strain for a first look

         my ears

            reach out like invisible arms

                   grasping for any sound

         my mind

            races the halls

                   of my willing imagination

The reaching forth

                of letting go

                        I love

                        But, God,


                              how I hate

                                     the parting




     there is more to life

              than fishing


     there is nothing in life

              any more

     than catching a fish


          and letting one go


Curse the yellow moon

      but still it bathes

      the dark night

after love has gone



   the come

        and go

            of love


   with promise


     the heart






No need now

     to please or prove

        apologize or defend

We've come too far

           for that

There is nothing

      to give or get

   save new heights

        greater depths

             of honesty

     the shared joy

      of being our fuller selves



          THE NAME

Somewhere along the path

             of tending others

          we lost some touch

             with an essential part

                       of who we are

Now together,

     I trust we may find

       our separate selves more fully

     and each other

           in the process

     And the name

             will be Love



Once we met

     to escape being apart

 not knowing then that

     apart is how we are

The reality of our flight

     was lost in the illusions

                 of our unions

Apart not

      sometimes we meet

            not to escape

            but to enhance

                 our separation

     To celebrate being apart



to hold a bird

   since I was very young

         I have wanted

                     to hold a bird


            I tried traps



                        and putting salt

                             on their tails


             I tried tricks



                         and putting salt

                             on their tables

but now

      I have learned

        that the only way to hold

                            a bird

              is to free one

                      in love


Absence, extended,

     as most know,

     makes hearts grow fonder;

          often, in spite of themselves.

Presence, extended,

     as most forget,

     makes hearts grow colder;

          unless fanned by designs of will.


When I love you,

   I act omnipotent with you

                     when you

     act like you're godless

          so that eventually


    you may be able to stand


      that I'm no god either

              and then maybe

        we can both be human

        and love each other.

But when I don't,

         I just go ahead and

            act godless too.



Once upon a time

      let was fine


      for would do


      with is the only way

           I care to go


      alone is good enough

                     for me



To seek another


To flee oneself


     To meet another


     To find oneself


You were

    across the room

           physically distant


      I heard each sigh

                and sound

        that escaped your

             beautiful lips

      I saw each movement

            guarded and open


      I felt each heartbeat

             as with my own

                  and each joy

                       and pain

      I touched each tender place

                      revealed and


      I knew your love


        you were

            across the room




   we met

      guarded and careful

   we sparred and

      jockeyed for position

   but somehow


           saw through


               the game ended



    we encountered

               and great thereof

                    was the joy


Can it be?

    Can it really be?

    That such as you


         such as me?

It's much too much

          to just accept

       as though

          I had the right.



     to have lived so long

        without a yellow flower

     still resurrection


Like Sun, God's fire

          on a frozen lake

     Slow rain

          melts the ice

                 of my heart,

          bringing to this eternal place

                       the Infinite gift of

                            personified Spirit

                            Word Made Flesh

     A mirror metaphor

              of course

          for the resurrecting warmth of

                                 fleshly words

                                 spirited persons

              the temporal gift of God


                             in this event

                            of loving now


How you meet

     is not the point;

That you do


     So why does everyone ask

            "How'd you meet?"


I cannot meet you


I cannot walk away


When goes the sun

     down today

  we'll be there



        eternal times

                 to come






 the kiss

     cool as love wind

              yet warm


          and electric

     searing hot


              in a heart alone

     burning the soul

             because it is



  the dark clouds

           close in




              is the sun?



lights the night

       when love is gone

the bathing yellow beams

        may wash the land


they do not reach

            the dark

                  of the heart

     come love

          with haste

       journey through

                sounds of night

       open eternity's door

     my bed is wide

            and empty

            except for me

        and my call

                for love

     come quickly love

              for there is

                    NO MOON


How dark the night

    when light has gone

    when the bright sun

             gives way

         to evening sun

    when evening sun

         gives way

          to the glimmer

    when the glimmer

             gives way

             to the horizon

How dark the night

         and behold

             how often

                  you are

                  the light


brown leaves

 cloudy sky

  soft rain

   open road




wish you were here


          ON REASON

Explaining away


       is easier than

                  embracing distance


            the night

           is just as cold


I felt

   the soft





   and it was

       of thee


       only you

            were not here

             but you were


         NO PLACE

There is no place


             by signs of us


             by shades of our presence


             by gleams of our sun



            by memories of our togetherness

There is no place

         so why run?

      But how can I stand


                        in your away?




I need you


    to stand in for God

                  in times

    of my absence


You say

    you do it

    "because you love me"


   I don't care

     about your motives

   Just love me




Changing the names

     won't change

          the game

     we, my love,

         must do that


  and I trust

           we shall




How delightful

     to imagine

          your flying!

     until I feel

          the wrenching yank

     by the invisible cords

          which obviously,

                   damn it,

          bind my heart

                   to you


     in this Gethsemane

   I pray for resurrection


Your No


     is the most painful word

     in the English language

          slicing deeply

     into the heart

          of my anticipation

     But hearing it I must

                     and will

          knowing that without it

                there is no substance


Your Yes

                or our love



Absence doesn't make

     my heart grow fonder

But our time apart

     let's my heart grow stronger

That I may bear the fire

     of our meeting

Without being consumed

     in the flame

          of our love



I hate you

        of course

     for all the time

             and attention


              and love

     which you give

            to anyone

                besides me

But because you can

            and do

     I love you

            all the more


          SLIM CHANCES

We meet

   some relatively rare times

     on the bridges

     of mutual responsibilities

                jobs and



          which is most of the time,

                              we miss

Is this tragedy

     my failure?

     or the way things are?

     In either case

          it is sad



      of a

  "Happy Marriage":

We stayed together


     keeping apart




That we may learn to endure

        the pain of parting


That we no longer

             have to leave

        before we part

And the sooner

    the better


          BACK TO ONE

Together with you


     the rules of arithmetic

         inevitably work

  one and one

      always makes two


  two times lonely

      always equals love

Then, for a time,

      the progression increases


      before the painful substraction





After all our practice

      I never thought

        that leaving you

        could be so hard


Doesn't experience count for anything?

     My head says Yes

         but this bottomless pit

                  in my stomach

         cries our unmistakably:

                     WRONG AGAIN


I saw your fear

  but ignored it in my haste

              for understanding

  now you are gone

  would that I had paid attention

        before the wings of love

                      were seared



Without a fight

        to ease the pain

Without promises

        of tomorrow

        to escape the now

We stayed together

        right up to goodbye



the sun goes

          at the end


          as does love

     but the sun

         also rises


     and so it is

        with love

peace lies

        in abiding one

                     as joyfully

                     as the other

           the ending


           the rising




The illusion of possession

      cloaks the challenge

                    of love


         it cloaks

                the possibility




I'm not yours

    and never will be

Once I wanted to be

     and tried giving myself

         until my heart told me

                    it was wrong

Now when I can

          I bring myself

           I come sharing

    and know, Love,

        that I have no skin

                      or thought

                       or history

                        or dream

                         or feeling

                unopened to your touch

         whenever I dare

                     come to you

                           as myself



     Verging on extinction:

Non-possessive love


A long-distance swim

     of eternal consequence:

Across the gulf between

     having lovers and loving


To have someone


To free him

To let someone go


To have him forever



For the truth of our meeting

     I thank God

For the wine and cheese,

        countless courtesies,

              and being there

     I thank you




     by God's caress

            and wind

     into the roleless


  But them

      I always am

    whenever He is near

                 or you



The promise of love

      is commitment

Without a promise



like a good sentence

       can be qualified

               to death

like truth

  it stands on its own

     without justification

                or promise




     is an illusionary affirmation of one's deepest self.

  The affirmational experience is real--that is,

                     the self-affirmation, but

  The illusion is that it comes from the other person

      who is but engaged in a mirror performance.




     of the union

      of our juices



Sometimes seems

     more than I

          can bear


I hate redundance


I fear going back

     but do you suppose

          a feather

            will ever fall

            and find me


     I think not


Slow rain

     thank God

still unbinds

      my heart




    in His presence


  there is room

        for you



     in these fogs

     we met


     walked away

  always to remain


                WERE IT NOT

were it not

        for the eyes of my yesterday

     I would not be able to glimpse your face

          in the mystery of this eternal woman

were it not

        for the ears of my heart

     I would not be able to hear your laughter

          in the voice of her waves

were it not

        for the fingers of my mind

     I would not be able to touch you

          on this her lonely shore

were it not

        for the arms of my memory

     I would not be able to hold you

          when fog-ghosts come too near

were it not

        for the body of my soul

     I would not be able to warm you

          when the seawind cuts too deeply

were it not

        for the gift of God

     I would not be able to love you

          as I do just now

     But it is

          And I do



How can I ever stand

          a gentle rain

          a yellow flower

          a love wind

          a high hill

          a sound of music

     without you?

But then

     how would I ever have known

                a gentle rain

                - - - - - - -

                  - - - - - -

                    - - - - -

                      - - - -

                        - - -

                           - -




Kiss my hurt

         and make it go away

 Take my loneliness

          and fill it with your presence

  Expand my littleness

           with the breath of your bigness

   Indwell my weakness

            with your strength

    Touch my face

              and change my division

                           into wholeness

     Drown my troubles

           in the warm sea of your song

      Erase my falseness

            with the wealth of your reality


                  for you are love

                           and love is all



Thee & Me

     I love thee


     I love me

          I cannot love thee more


          I love me less

       Nor can

           I love thee less


           I love me more


       it seems

       is inseparable


Being For Me

When I fear my pleasure

     I want you to be pleased

When I fear my excitement

     I want you to be excited

When I fear my sensuality

     I want you to be sexy

When I fear wanting you

     I want you to want me

When I fear looking good

     I want you to like my looks

When I fear loving you

     I want you to love me

In other words

When I'm afraid to be myself

     I want you to be for me


          I enjoy

          "Just Being"

             with you



A better model

     will only work better


While one is again


          from the failure

To become himself



It may begin

        with love

    or countless variations 

               on the theme

But finally


        like sleep




Two Squirrels

    making babies

           if not love

     ignite the fire

         in my loins


            the flame

         in my heart

     bringing the fullness

           of your presence

         to the passion

           of this moment


COM-PASSION (With-passion)

     is literal;

Higher love is rooted

            in lower love.

There is no such thing

      as passionless love.

Compassion is the apex of passion,

         not its ultimate absence.


     WAY TO GO

The threat

    of pain and fear,

  when faced and stood,

Leads often

      to the greater threat

      of sex and fun,


     if endured,

     open the door to

     joy and love.



Making love

       is obscene

Making hate

       is not




     of making love


     of making money



Too much love

    is impossible

Too much expression



          TOO HONEST

There's no such thing as

           being too honest

    but it is a fact that

           the truth can hurt

    and there is a such a thing as

                      too much pain.


To try to drive home a point

                      is, often,

to evade the mystery of meeting.


Love tells all

     about some things

            and naught

     about others

  but mostly in between

Since mystery

      is its ground


Tragic murder

     Just as real:

     Love talked to death



          NO CLOCK

I fear you sometimes


       you have no clock

  You are not bound

       to the chronological events

                       which consume


                       while protecting them

     You be

         as the spirit moves


  And birth my love


            Yet sometimes I fear

                      your having

                      NO CLOCK



but who could endure

          its intensity?

Is Love Forever?

     I know not

but this I do know:

           for now

                now is enough



But of course

     we don't have enough time

  Never have

     never do

          and most probably

                never will

  Because love is eternal

          always giving the clock

          more than it can measure

                filling every hour

                            so full

                that it overflows

  Even everlasting

       could not hold

             this eternal time

                        we share



The enormity of the nows

                  in love

          are so awesome

     that before I know it

                  I'm fleeing




to love long

   is to keep many questions



                 many answers

                   to oneself





trusting myself

       with you

that I will be able to meet you

     without losing myself in you

     to hear you

        without forgetting what I think

     to talk to you

        without becoming a liar

     to feel for you

        without denying my feelings

     to love you

        without falling in love with you

     to leave you

        when my time to go arrives

and if you must leave first

     to go on living with heart anyway

          (with, of course, my grief)




I love her,

       when I am not trying too hard

                   to understand her


           she accepts me

               without having to understand

                      except when I push her

                                to understand



the gods awaken

    when night begins

         to stretch her long tenuous


                         toward the day

they stretch and yawn

     as the vainglorious sun

            makes his last showy effort

               at escaping his longed-for


     and then as night

          takes her love

             to her bosom

         they are free

they move in and out

      melting iciness

       softening hardness

        quickening spirit

         raising the dead

      until the whole world

                       is alive

                   and my heart

      and I am one

            in the night

                with the gods

                     and thee




I assume you'll come

                 when you can

                      and will

Meanwhile I proceed

               with living

               my own life

And waiting


to love long


to wait often

     seldom do two hearts


     to the same rhythm

in the meantime

        we wait

if we love

     while going ahead

           living well

             of course




you to want me

--beyond the slightest bit of pragmatism--

is but a thin cloak

for my fear of how much

I want you

and not nearly enough cover

for the cold nights

of our distant dreams



Five loaves

  of wanting

 will cover a multitude

               of flaws


      with two fishes

 of desire in return



I used to think

     I needed permission

           to be excited

     before I discovered

     I had to give the permission away

           in the first place

     Now I get excited

                whenever I think

                         I can stand it

                and sometimes when

                         I forget to think

I used to believe

     in Santa Claus

     before I found out

            I had to give things away

     Now I believe in Santa Claus

                    whenever I do

I used to think

     God made the world

          before I found out

     the world made God

          before I found

     God who made both

I used to think

     Love made the world go round

          before I found

     the world made love go round

          before I found


          which wasn't going anywhere

          Except here

                 wherever I am

                  before I found you


                AT NOON

sometimes at noon


             in the busy midst of things

     I think I'll forget love

                Who needs it?

                Why bother?

     I think I'll outgrow it

but then

    there comes a yellow flower

                  a gentle rain

                   a tender night

          and I know


              I'll never forget




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