Male challenges on the perilous path

back to heaven here:

– Learning to lust with heart 

without guilt or indiscretion 

– Letting go of illusions that a woman

can make a man happy (if only she will)

– Freeing females to be grandly unlike males

without regret, resentment, 

or trying to change them

– Mastering arts of essential deceptions

required for being a man with integrity

in society and among females

where pure masculinity is impolite 

or unacceptable at best

and illegal and punishable at worst

– Seeing and accepting harsh realities

of the world as it is

without the benefit of rose-colored glasses

and/or the luxuries of bitterness 

or self-righteousness

– Honoring the paradox of independence with connections

being alone while together

without escaping into Solipsism

or losing onself with others

– Growing old and down

with loses and limitations

without turning into an old man

trapped in good old days and past memories

assuming that young people are going to the dogs

only able to converse about what has been

and/or refusing to adapt gracefully to what now is

– Enjoying romance and seduction

without genetic or psychic motivations

and freed from necessities of success or completion

Plus, of course, others

not mentioned here....