Dreams are neither a lot of meaningless rattling of unoccupied brain cells, nor ancient muses or gods "trying to tell us something." Rather they are arenas of natural thinking in process, unrestricted by repressions operative in waking life, and unhindered by rules of grammar structuring the creative nature of normal brain activity.

Feelings, for example, which are socially unacceptable and/or threatening to ego shapes assumed to conceal or avoid instinctive emotions and desires, may be safely allowed to emerge in semi-consciousness. Natural passions unfitting in current legal and/or moral structures, such as, chaste friendship and monogamous marriage, may be safely glimpsed, entertained, even sometimes enjoyed, under protection of darkness. 

Unreasonable notions freed from constraints of left brain sequential logic, politically and socially  incorrect alliances, irreligious beliefs, courageous adventures avoided while awake to protect fragile egos, may cavort openly in dreams. Words, for example, restricted in waking life to dictionary definitions, may be freed to assume personal meanings otherwise left unnamed while awake.

Consequently, wiser persons don't ignore, dismiss, try to forget or avoid thinking about dreams, or conversely, to glorify nighttime mental activity as though dreams are messages from gods or directions from magical muses. Instead, upon waking, images, words, ideas, pictures, and passions resurrected in the night world are lovingly invited to enter honorably into carefully structured arenas of daylight thinking, which is otherwise left stifflingly constricted by walls of self repression.

Obviously, though, I am often not so wise.....