Once, if ever, you come to real-ize

that is, to see with your real eyes

that it, no matter what it may be

won't hairlip the world

or that it, of any stripe,

don't make no never mind

or that God, whatever name you give Him (or Her)

is ever ready to forgive any human sin

no matter how heinous it may seem

or that life can be completely wonderful

devoid of assigned or imagined meanings

or that going can be even more exciting

with no place to have to go

than when getting there 

seemed to be all that mattered

that caring for the unlovable 

can be even more fulfilling 

than being cared for by the lovable

that being here, anywhere

is far better than getting anywhere else

that loving anybody

is more fulfilling

than being loved by anybody

that seeing presence beyond hope

is far more satisfying

than being blinded by hope

then you won't have to be told

that heaven is really here