Noble intentions 

and valuable services notwithstanding,

conscious work to save the world 

and/or other people

may cloak denied desires 

to save ourselves

Working for it or them 

may seem better (easier?) 

than, as Paul deemed necessary,

"working out one's own salvation" 

Efforts to save the environment

and natural habitats of animals,

obviously needed and worthwhile,

may also be projections of repressed desires

to save our own natural habitat, 

namely, our embodied selves, 

so often neglected 

in quest of social affirmation

And serving others can shield one

from repressed natural desires

to serve oneself,

if not first, at least with equal diligence

Perhaps foretelling what we now know

about challenges of un-repression

and being embodied, Paul also added,

even "with fear and trembling"

So what else is new....