Insofar as personal well being is concerned

honesty about one's perceptions

is far more relevant than

language used to voice them

or even than choices about listeners

Recognizing personal sin, for example,

and self-responsibility for same

can be more fruitful than 

accurately diagnosed schizophrenia

caused by mothers, genes, 

or chemical imbalances, et al

Hearing voices of gods 

may be more truthful

than admitting hallucinations 

Listening for angels to speak at night

may be more revealing than 

looking for dream interpretations in books,

and/or dismissing such silly nonsense

Sincere confessions to Mother Mary

may be more healing than

contrived revelations to a counselor

Measures of forgiveness,

even if "all in your head,"

may be more lasting than

doses of drugs in the kitchen

(not to mention, less addictive)

And sometimes 

having a little talk with Jesus

can make for a better day than

blabbing about woes to friends

or sucking it up 

and keeping everything to yourself

Otherwise, getting into therapy 

is probably better than 

nothing at all....