Beware of settling too soon

for diagnostic, chemical, behavioral,

ego-boosting, talk, and other secular therapies

which treat the natural sin of self repression/projection

as a disease curable by proper names, right drugs,

improved acting, self confidence, and/or insight alone

Certainly, temporary relief inherent

in any form of "treatment"

based on medical models

and psychological theories

is better than wallowing hopelessly

in self pity and/or remaining in a local hell

But present tense salvation 

and return to heaven here

is, so far as I am yet to discover,

only to be found through daring travel

along challenging paths of un-repression

that is, risking forgiveness 

for the phony sin of being human 

and re-learning what every innocent child

knows about courageous creativity 

in the world as we find it

But beware too, that this latter route

takes much faith.....