Self satisfaction is Mother Nature's deepest challenge to Father God's call for self sacrifice, that is, serving others versus pleasing yourself.

When caught up in beliefs about the latter, beyond mildest degrees of feeling good, and that only in socially approved arenas and ways, False Guilt may kick in, blocking the path to threatening degrees of pleasure, especially as related to Mother Nature's second most powerful directive, namely, for self replication and its inherent delights.

Pleasure inherent in whatever works best for Her in-gened agendas is mediated to personal awareness through the gateway of desire–-that is, "wants," as in, "wanting what you want when you want it," as yet evident in children before repression sets in.

Consequently, one can best evade threats of socially dangerous pleasure by nipping it in the bud of desire, that is, trying not to want what you are told you shouldn't, especially, feeling any degree of passion aimed at self replication.

Better, we are often taught, to suffer the stresses of virtuous restraint, if not chastity, now, than to burn in the fires of hell later.

Thus informed, educated, and learned, we may smartly try to save ourselves forever by shifting Mother Nature's ingrained urges from ourselves to others–-trying to please them instead of us.

So, if you're aimed at God's heaven in the sky rather than Mother Nature's Eden (Garden of Pleasure) on earth, suppress desire; stay busy (remember whose workshop idleness is); seek secondary satisfactions in trying to please others (at least, first); and, for goodness sake (literally), don't have too much fun, which, as we have been told, must certainly be a sin.