J. Bruce Evans

ęCopyright 2002


            Men I note, myself in particular, are often vulnerable to a large number of female attributes, qualities, parts, skills, and arts which I summarily call wiles. Here I explore some 77 of those I currently recognize. Women, I observe, seldom see them as such—if at all; and if they do, they rarely acknowledge them as wiles, at least to me.


            So, if I were more honest I should call these speculations Men’s Vulnerabilities—since that is what they more clearly are. Still, I do tend to project and think in terms of how I see things, reflecting my own repressions, so I’ll stick with my original working title.  


            These observations are, obviously, my own, and are copyrighted as such; consequently they are available for reading by anyone, but are not to be reproduced in any form without my permission.


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